10 facts about Apple Watch, you need to know, Macadar


10 facts about Apple Watch, you need to know

still tense debate about what Apple Watch: a new breakthrough in the field of gadgets or rather mediocre device. Before the release hours from Apple for another six months, but we already have a huge amount of information about what they will entail. We chose a few basic facts that will help you to understand what Apple Watch.


10 facts about Apple Watch, you need to know, Macadar

Apple introduced 3 hours (classical, sports, and elite) in two sizes. Plus, each of them has many straps. That is, the choice is great and everyone (and Apple Watch will want all of them) will be able to choose a suitable option.

About left-handed people have not forgotten

Apple showed the work hours on the left hand, on her watch are right-handed. And many thought about left-handed people have forgotten, but it is not. If you prefer to wear watches on the right hand screen Apple Watch can be rotated 180 degrees. The straps also can be swapped.

more protection

Let Apple Watch and no Touch ID, but there’s something abruptly. The sensors on the back of the watch ensure that the watch was in constant contact with the skin. As soon as it is interrupted, the clock immediately block the ability to pay for purchases using Apple Pay. Unfortunately, not too important for us.

Not protected from water

10 facts about Apple Watch, you need to know, Macadar

Sweat, rain, hand washing — this will not be a problem. But to take in the Apple Watch shower, swim or dive impossible. Sorry, but the watch is not waterproof.

Can be used separately from iPhone

But not always. For actions that need Internet connection Apple Watch will require iPhone, as they have no Internet. There is also no GPS, so the most that we can expect is listening to music without the iPhone.

Day without recharging

We still don’t know will show whether Apple miracle in six months. increasing the time several times, but unlikely. Now Apple Watch work day without recharging. Retina resolution, constant communication with iPhone and Bluetooth enabled is not surprising.

Remote and Continuity

Apple Watch have their own version of the Remote application, which allows you to control your Apple TV and iTunes. In addition, with their help you can also control the camera of iPhone and switch it. Watch also support Continuity, so you can start to write a message on the Apple Watch (voice), continue on your iPhone and finish it on your Mac. I know you often do.

what’s New vibration

Apple did not bother to insert the iPad in vibration sensor, but in the Apple Watch is one of the highlights. The sensor used here to the fullest. It can vibrate when you need to turn on the route or your friends can send you the vibration, when they reached their destination.

Well and how can we forget about the chip with your heartbeat. The sensor will vibrate in rhythm with the heartbeat of your second half.

Universal access

For people with disabilities Apple introduced the most chips universal access with iOS. The same vibration allows you to interact with for hours without looking or not hearing them. Plus, voice control, which allows you to control your Apple Watch with your voice.

We need more apps!

10 facts about Apple Watch, you need to know, Macadar

Apple Watch will acquire applications. About it can’t even be considered. Developers have six months to present something really cool and unique. You can be sure that it will.

And that’s what we love Apple gadgets!

article Summary: We chose 10 facts about Apple Watch that will help you learn the basic features of smart watches from Apple. apple

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