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Apple TV will be no earlier than the spring of 2015 news

the publication of the Information published a report according to which new Apple TV will be announced no earlier than 2015. This information confirmed the rumors emanating from Asian industrial enterprises, as well as the opinion of Western experts.

According to the report, the managers that control the development of the project, gave direct developers Apple TV to understand that the device will not be released this year.

In Europe has dropped the price of the Mac mini, iMac, and Apple TV news

Apple has decided to withdraw some of its products, including the Mac mini, iMac, and Apple TV, a new price category in Europe.

So, the Apple TV buyers will have to pay €109, as previously, and only €99, that is a savings of approximately $14. The cost of a standard iMac fell on the amount from $169 to $339, depending on configuration. Discount on the most expensive of the available Mac mini for about $26.

the Beta version of Apple TV has got the function of iCloud Family Sharing news

Apple TV has received a new software that allows family members to share among themselves the content. This function is not yet operational, but closer to the end of the year, users will be able to log into your account and get access to music, movies and other content purchased by the owner of the other account, if it is enabled iCloud Family Sharing.

About Family Sharing became known during the WWDC a few weeks ago. For this function, family members should be given the same credit card to make purchases in iTunes, App Store and iBooks. It will become available after the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, which will take place in autumn this year.

Apple TV can receive support Siri news Rumors

Apple never ceases to delight and amaze their customers. As bequeathed to another Steve jobs, the Corporation continues to show users things and devices, without which they cannot live.

Probably all remember, as Steve was saying that the user needs to show how he needs a particular device and how it will change his life after purchasing another device.

Apple TV from a hobby to polnocennogo product Research

In September 2006 at a press conference in San Francisco, Steve jobs announced the current work on the iTV set-top box, which had updated the interface of the media player Front Row and remote control Apple Remote. In March 2007, the company from Cupertino has launched a multimedia set-top box Apple TV. This is one of those rare cases, when Apple revealed its plans for a long time before the start of sales of the device.

Update OS X 10.9.2 addresses the vulnerability in SSL news

Apple has updated the desktop platform OS X Mavericks. removing the update some bugs and adding some new features.

Now users have the opportunity to make audiozone on FaceTime, and more reliable VPN connection and much more.

Apple TV channel appeared, devoted to the 50 anniversary of the first performance of The Beatles in the USA news

Apple decided peculiar to celebrate 50th anniversary since the first concert of the legendary Liverpool band The Beatles in the United States. So, in the latest update for set-top boxes Apple TV users have access to a new channel The Beatles.

the Application allows you to view the debut performance of the group, which took place in broadcast TV » ed Sullivan Show» in February 1964. It is worth noting that the view is limited by time. In addition, users have access to the collections of songs and albums of the cult group.

Description build iOS 7: Is will soon be a new model of Apple TV? News

it is likely that soon the world will see a new model of Apple TV. a Kind of proof of this assumption is the reference code AppleTV4,1 Assembly iOS 7. This is with reference to developer Hamzah Court ( Hamza Sood) the site says 9to5mac.

As of the publication, in the framework of iOS 7 Apple TV for AirPlay there is mention of several devices. So, AppleTV3,2 denotes last year’s model of set-top boxes, and AppleTV3,1 — version device that Cupertino released in March 2012. In the description of the Assembly is also present designation AppleTV2,1 — it corresponds to Apple TV 2010.

media: the New Apple TV with support for App Store will appear in March, Rumors

a few years ago began to spread rumors that Apple will make the Apple TV compatible with applications App Store. Probably soon Cupertino really implement this idea. This is with reference to its own sources, said portal MacRumors .

According to the publication, in March of this year, the American company will introduce a completely redesigned model of set-top boxes. The main feature of the new items will not play movies and support channels, and games. In addition Apple TV will supposedly receive a game controllers and support brand app store .

Apple TV 6.0: big update with new features news

the other day, literally the next day after the global release of iOS 7.0, was a big and good firmware update for Apple TV 6.0, received quite a lot of interesting updates and patches. For example, there was support for iTunes Radio, and enhanced support for iCloud, and again became possible purchase music from the iTunes Store.

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