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How evolved logos Apple?

For more than thirty years history, the company has experienced only three rebranding. The first logo was designed by Ron venom. It was a picture of Isaac Newton, and the logo was more like a medieval coat of arms:

the Second the Apple logo appeared a year later, when the first computer company support color graphics. From arts Wayne has only bitten Apple, painted in all colors of the rainbow:

the Rainbow Apple logo

multi-Colored logo lived until the end of the XX century, and then to replace him came discolored option. Why — none reported, but there are rumors that Apple was tired of the comparison of their logo with the rainbow flag, which was adopted sex minorities. The most interesting is that Apple and gays used the rainbow around the same time — since the late 1970 H.

the Gray Apple is much better suited to the concept of modern design of Apple products — the severity of flowers, nothing more unique style.

Modern Apple logo

However, Apple Apple does is not always gray. On many products it is black or white.

what were the first product of Apple?

the First computer, which released the company Apple has become the computer Apple I. the First instance of this machine was assembled in two Stivali… in the garage. Apple I looked not as in the modern sense should look like a computer:

The same Apple I

although the Apple I was rather similar to a typewriter, it was a revolution in the world of computers. It was the first personal computer, which opened a new field of application PC. Before the Apple I computer was considered a purely engineering machine, which were predominantly used in scientific research. In those years no one could imagine that soon the computer will be in almost every home.

the Apple I was sold at the price of 666 dollars and 66 cents. All were released about 200 of these machines. By the way, in 2010 year, one such computer was sold at auction by Christie’s for 133250 pounds.

What product Apple has brought the company’s first commercial success?

Apple I Computers, although they were revolutionary in its essence, was released a short time — just a year. In 1977 to replace the Apple I came to his modified model, called the Apple II. This computer was being produced in mass scale. Steve jobs thought out design, Apple II, making it suitable for both home and office. Apple II in 1977 got a color graphics display and 48 kilobytes of RAM (in those days it was very much :)

the Apple II

the Apple II was actively developed, and produced until the late 1980 farm Were sold millions of these machines.

Why modern Apple computers called «Poppy»?

poppy — Russian transcription of the word Mac. Mac — a shortened version of the name Macintosh. Although Macs in English is usually called waterproof raincoats, cloaks this name has no relation. The word Macintosh — to reinvent the brand name of McIntosh apples.

Mac-apples McIntosh

these delicious apples adored one of the main Apple engineers JEF Raskin, so the idea of the brand belongs to him.

When did the Macintosh?

the First Mac was released January 24, 1984. He replaced the Apple II family and became a special — one of the first computers with a graphical user interface (GUI). Yes, until the mid-1980s all personal computers were managed only by using the command line.

the Very first poppy

needless to say that the Mac is brought convenience (and most importantly, ease of development of a computer) to a new level? The revolutionary Macintosh was shown in the famous spot where play dystopia Orwell»1984″:

  • MacBook
  • all-in-one iMac
  • the system blocks the Mac Mini
  • workstations Mac Pro

Always do Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak worked at Apple?

No. A black year for Apple was 1985, when the company went both Steve. The reason was a constant conflict with invited from PepsiCo as Director of John Scully. The irony is that in his time jobs long asked Scully to go to Apple. But jobs and Scully, as it turned out, there were different views on the future of Apple. Scully is increasingly entering into confrontation with jobs, calling his ideas are insane. Unfortunately, many projects jobs in the 1980s was really a failure, for example, the Apple III.

He fired Steve jobs from Apple

How lived jobs without Apple?

Steve jobs could not generate ideas and moreover could not sit idly by. After the shocking departure from Apple, he founded the company NeXT. which is also engaged in the production of computers and operating systems. In 1986, jobs decided to try a new career — he became one of the founders of the Studio computer animation Pixar .

the Logo Pixar

Studio Pixar has become a pioneer in the production of computer animation. «toy Story» and «monsters, Inc» have become one of the first projects of the Studio and immediately brought her fame and commercial success.

NeXTstation Computer

Actually, it was the computers NeXT unexpectedly caused the return of Steve jobs to Apple.

How lived Apple without jobs?

Without fresh ideas whimsical Steve jobs Apple slowly reached the stage of complete stagnation. Scully was unable to react to the growing threat from bill gates and Microsoft, and the ten years that Apple has existed without jobs, finally and irrevocably affected the balance of forces at the current market for personal computers and operating systems. The palm has finally overtaken Windows.

Apple in these years continued to develop the Macintosh and took a number of attempts to launch innovative devices, for example, prototype tablets and handhelds called Newton .

Newton — great-grandfather, iPhone and iPad

New products were, but to promote them as it was able to do the jobs that no one knew how. Accordingly, success in the market neither Newton nor the other idea, unfortunately, not received.

jobs returned to Apple?

By the mid-1990s, Apple began to think about how to save the company, which became weaker. In the end, the Directorate could not think of anything more interesting than try to absorb the NeXT Steve jobs. The jobs took this step as an opportunity to return to his company.

December 10, 1996 took place on the return of jobs. Condition Steve was offering him the post of «acting CEO». Since then began the Renaissance of Apple.

What Steve jobs achieved in the new Millennium?

For 11 years outside Apple jobs postroll, has become much more rational and prudent. In General, there are no ideas of jobs that would be disastrous since his return to Apple in 1996.

Apple is still produced Poppies, and the main focus was on their Mac OS. Today Mac OS X is considered to be one of the best OS due to the stability, security and design.

June 6, 2005, Steve jobs surprised everyone by announcing that all Macintosh computers will not be released based on IBM PowerPC processor, as it was before, and on Intel-Ah. First, since Apple officially allows to run Windows on Macs. Secondly, since then counts the history of Hackintosh — fun hemorrhoid process run Mac OS X on PC computers.

Windows on the iMac: before the picture would have caused a heart attack at any maciwoda

In the 2000s, Apple again memorable advertising. A worthy continuation of the movie 1984 and the famous slogan «Think different» has become a series of «Mac vs. PC», where Apple shows an example of the subtle trolling competing platforms:

But the main change that occurred in Apple’s new Millennium — the shift of emphasis from the production of computers. In the 1990s, no one could imagine that Apple will be able to earn money on iPods and smart phones more than on Macs. But it’s true.

October 23, 2001 the world was presented to the iPod. From the brand that word has quickly become a household name, and now «iPod» — not just the player, but a separate class of mobile gadgets.

the First generation iPod

the iPod was a breakthrough for Apple, and the additional profit of the company has brought a successful business model by the formula «iPod player iTunes online music store iTunes Store». The iPod is improved to this day: every year new generation of players.

iPod Models sample 2010

the IPods was not limited. Rumors that Apple will release a phone of its own production, was confirmed at 100%. January 9, 2007, Steve jobs introduced the iPhone. The iPhone also quickly became a household name and has gained considerable market share in mobile phones.

the First generation iPhone

Finally, in 2010 there were another innovation Apple: tablet iPad. The device was presented to 27 January 2010 and caused a storm of criticism, but then, as it was with other Apple products, were wildly popular. the iPad is so unusual that it is difficult to attribute it to any particular category of devices — it is not a netbook, and not a PDA. IPad creates a new niche of mobile devices, again leaving competitors behind.

iPad — new brainchild Apple

the First decade of the XXI century is reflected in the name of the company: if earlier it was called Apple Computers Inc. since 2007 is simply Apple Inc.. alluding to the fact that the profit it brings not only computers.

What software produces Apple?

first, the operating system Mac OS X (and its mobile version isiOS ). Secondly, the packages of applied programs — for home users iLife. for office — iWork. Thirdly, considerable popularity gained professional Apple products: Final Cut Studio for video editing and Logic Studio for sound processing. They are almost a standard in their market segments software.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard — snow leopard in the box

About the software from Apple, you can say something similar about the equipment. In combination with each other they provide the maximum convenience of the user tasks.

After Snow Leopard Apple has released a new version of «big cats» — OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Why the technique Apple this stylish?

For the design of the current Apple products need to say a big thank you to a man named Jonathan Ive. It gives ideas of jobs that most stylish minimalism that makes Apple products unique and distinguishes it from competitors.

Jonathan Ive and you-know-who

Ive — Apple’s chief designer, and with his direct participation of all were designed Apple product, starting with the first monoblock iMac to iPad.

Where is the Apple?

the Apple Offices are located in the heart of Silicon valley, California, in the town of Cupertino. Head office address Apple sounds like 1 Infinite Loop .

Apple. The view from the top

In 2010, Apple has decided to expand office space and bought a quarter in Cupertino.

what is the secret of Apple’s success?

the Only correct answer to this question knew only the person in the pictures below. But the secret he has no will reveal.

jobs — the founder and mastermind behind Apple

October 5, 2011 Steve jobs: in an unequal battle with pancreatic cancer he was never able to win. To replace the jobs came Tim cook — a great expert in the field of production management and logistics.

of Course, Tim is able to make a profit. But if he knew how to see opportunities and create new products? Time will tell.

Apple Products, both software and hardware made for people. They offer not only a stylish design, but also a high degree of usability. Apple fans — a subculture, and no other company will not be able to boast of so many loyal fans. As pathetic as that might sound cliche about the fact that the Apple — lifestyle. there are quite a great deal of truth.

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