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Apple Manufacturer of computer technology and media-trader from the USA. Positioning itself as an alternative to Microsoft. but, in fact, offers users a much worse option — instead of depending on proprietary software standards offers the dependence on proprietary architectural standards.

recently, the company began to make a very controversial steps — opening of some software technologies under open licenses (based operating system from Apple is one of the BSD variants) and the transition to a slightly more open architecture is accompanied by a tightening of control over what is installed on its products. For example, new versions of the iPod are available for encryption in the Firmware. checking a system image before loading and on the iPhone you can’t even release a program without permission Apple. problem faced by the developers of the Mozilla Foundation (not so long ago for the iPhone could not be programmed without signing an NDA. wherein the practice was abolished only recently ).

[edit ] Marketing

Apple your program does not compete directly with Windows soK. sell their programs. almost only for your operating system. which in turn can only be installed on the equipment from the Apple (installation of hackers on MacOS computers not from Apple — does not count). However, in recent times, there are many so called switchers (from the English. «switch»), people who switch from Windows to Mac.

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