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Advantages of shopping in the store of APPLE accessories BOUTIQUE

  1. we always Have a great selection of brand covers and accessories for iPhone, you can buy any color and texture (white covers, covers with Swarowski crystals, aluminum cases).
  2. In our online store always have the best accessories for the iPhone 4, which has become a classic of the genre among iPhones.
  3. APPLE-BOUTIQUE.RU there are luxurious covers and bumpers for the iPhone 5, you will want to buy. Accessories for the Iphone 5 will also be with us. Pick up your Apple other suitable headphones, gadgets or external battery.
  4. We don’t buy cheap Chinese consumer goods accessories for the apple iphone 5, iphone 4 and other Apple products among the featured brands such giants as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, GUCCI, Hello Kitty, Hermes, Juicy Couture, Simachev, Swarovski.
  5. We sell only accessories for phones and Panchito that we use ourselves, so you can be sure that the case for the Iphone 5 or IPAD 3, back cover Samsung Galaxy III, the protective film on the screen or bumper for the iPhone 4 will be from the latest collections.
  6. We guarantee efficiency in the delivery and assist the buyer in selecting the goods.
  7. Our store provides convenient payment methods (cash on delivery, payment all kinds of electronic money, payment through Bank). You only need to choose one of them.

article Summary: online store equipment and accessories for Apple iPhone, iPad. Always in stock, low price, high quality. Moscow, St. Petersburg and Russia Apple Boutique,Apple apple Boutique

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