Apple, brand, brand. Apple. Information, website, reviews, rating consumers


Apple — the brand brand. Apple. Information, website, reviews, rating consumers


Apple, brand, brand. Apple. Information, website, reviews, rating consumers

Interesting information about the brand Apple. Reference data about the brand Apple.

the Company was founded in California by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, attended his first personal computer processor-based MOS Technology 6502″. Selling a few dozen of these computers, young entrepreneurs received funding and officially registered the company Apple Computer, Inc. April 1, 1976.

«Apple I», released in 1976, was not the first programmable microcomputer. The title belonged to the microcomputer, the Altair 8800, which was founded by ed Roberts and distributed through the directories in 1974-1975. However, «Altair» was not a «personal computer», because there were no opportunities to achieve through a more or less serious problems.

In 1976-1977 several companies have released the first personal computers, including 1977 thousands were sold computers companies Commodore and Tandy Radio Shack. But the first mass personal computer produced millions of copies, was the Apple II computer. From 1977 to 1993, the Apple company has produced various models of line 8 (later 8/16) bit computers «Apple II». In the late 1970’s and early 1980-ies «Apple II» and their clones were most common in the world of personal computers. It sold more than 5 million computers «Apple II» around the world.

Now it is considered that the «Apple II forever opened up a broad road in front of a new industry — the production of personal computers.

1980 in Apple’s history has been marked by a failure for several reasons the project Apple III, but at the same time, the company held the largest in history (after 1956, when the stock market went Ford) initial public offering (IPO).

In March 1981, Wozniak got into a plane crash and had to quit the job. The problem with sales «Apple III» has led to the fact that jobs had to lay off 40 employees. The press has trumpeted the imminent end of the company «Apple». In early 1983, jobs, unable to cope with the problems, invited for the post of President John Scully, who at that time occupied a similar position in «PepsiCo». In April 1983 Scully began his duties. Steve jobs experienced failure of the company as their personal, so between him and Scully began to have disagreements and friction.

In 1984, Apple introduced a new 32-bit Macintosh computer. In the future, the issue of computers in this series have become the main business of the company. For two decades the company has released the Macintosh computers based on Motorola processors, equipped with a proprietary operating system. This platform is available only «Apple» for a short time in the mid-1990s, the management took the decision to grant licences to manufacture Mac-compatible computers, but subsequently withdrawn licenses.

Traditionally, Apple has had a strong position in the segments of government and educational organizations, as well as in the publishing business and design, subsequently in the music industry. Before other developers Apple has put into wide use graphical user interface and a computer mouse. In 1985, President Ronald Reagan awarded jobs and Wozniak medals for the development of technical progress. In the same year, the company has left one of the founders, Steve jobs.

in 1997, the losses for the two years totaled $1.86 billion, the Situation changed with the return in 1997 jobs. Apple has been gradually discover new, not directly related to computer technology, markets.

In 2001, the company introduced a music player, iPod, quickly acquired popularity.

In 2003 the company opened the iTunes Store is a popular online supermarket digital audio, video, and game content.

And in 2007 entered the market of mobile phones with touch smartphone iPhone.


In 2010, the market was released the iPad tablet computer.

production of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, which enjoyed high demand around the world, dramatically improved the financial position of Apple, bringing the company’s record profits. In August 2011, Apple for the first time became the most valuable company in the world by market capitalization, surpassing oil company ExxonMobil, until the end of the year they again changed places, but since January 2012, Apple has managed for a long time to gain a foothold on the first line. In August 2012 she became the most valuable company in history, beating established in December 1999 at the peak of the so-called dot-com bubble, the record of Microsoft, and on 21 September 2012, Apple shares during the bidding reached its high of $705,07, capitalization reached $billion 662,09 Since its peak in September 2012 to January 2013, the market capitalization of Apple declined to 37.6 %. And now ExxonMobil again competes with it in the first place, the most expensive public companies in the world.

In 2013, Apple was the first mass production of 64-bit ARM architecture releasing 64-bit 2-core Apple A7 microprocessor.

Over the years Apple has repeatedly absorbed various companies operating in the it market. Among the largest of such transactions — buying companies NeXT (1996, for $430 million), P.A. Semi in April 2008, $280 million), Quattro Wireless in January 2010, $274 million), Siri (April 2010, $200 million), Anobit Technologies (January 2012 $400-500 million) and other

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Apple — the brand brand. Apple. Information, website, reviews, rating consumers

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