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Apple, Catalog , Minsk

Apple (Apple) — a well-known American Corporation involved in the manufacture of personal computers, music players, software, and more recently and even mobile phones. The company Apple known as one of the pioneers in the manufacture and sale of personal computers, modern multitasking operating systems with a graphical interface. The headquarters of the company is located in the small California town of Cupertino (USA). Today Apple — a public Corporation, its shares are traded on NASDAQ and the London stock exchange. The capitalization of the Corporation more than 100 billion dollars. The number of employees is more than 15 thousand people.

the Release of the iPhone 6 may delay the releases of other flagships

Manufacturers of smartphones can delay the release of new flagships that were scheduled for the second half of 2014, due to the September release of the new generation iPhone.

Gold iPhone 5S with a portrait of Putin sold for 1 day

Created by Italian jewelers, Caviar, gold iPhones with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin, coat of arms and a line from the hymn of the Russian Federation was sold out in one day.

iWatch ready to buy 14% of the users

According to a survey conducted by research firm Piper Jaffray, 14% of users are willing to buy a smart watch Apple if the price will be 350%.

IPhone 6: the game big

Every year the Apple company always offers users a new iPhone c heap important or not very innovation. All this time remained virtually unchanged the size of the smartphone screen, which since the first iPhone was increased by a very small amount. But now Apple is changing the rules of the game.

nature Has no bad weather: why Apple refused weather Yahoo

From the software announcements from Apple at the WWDC 2014 in early June was reeling so much so that out of sight is missing one small but interesting detail: kupertinsky company in its new iOS 8 refused weather Yahoo — and this is after many years of trouble-free cooperation. Recently, details of the incident.

Smart watch, Apple will receive 10 special sensors

Edition Reuters published a list of sensors that should be included in the new smart watch from Apple. 10 sensors will enable users to closely monitor their health over the course of the day.

New spy photo shows three new gadget Apple

New Apple mobile device showed up on a live photo. The picture shows some features of the case of new devices (modified speaker grille, silver side faces).

Official release a smart watch Apple should be held in October

Production of «Apple» wrist gadgets will begin in July. According to Reuters, the production of the iWatch will mainly deal with Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan. On her shoulders will be producing 70% of the smart watch Apple.

iPhone 6 will become a universal instrument for measuring

To code the API of the 2nd beta version of iOS 8 found mention of pressure sensors, temperature and humidity. New sensors are expected to be built in the next model new Apple gadgets.

What’s up Apple and Facebook?

the Confrontation between Apple and Facebook, frankly, not very loud in the IT industry, there is a war on the more fierce and principled, which are kneaded protracted litigation, a multi-million dollar capital and even scripts technological future. However, recently kupertinsky found an excuse to cross the road popular social networks.

iPad Air 2 will get a better photo module and fingerprint sensor

the iPad Air 2 should receive processor Apple A8, fingerprint sensor, and an 8-megapixel photo module.

iOS 8 found support multi-window mode

the Developer of iOS applications Stephen Trenton-Smith found in the code of the first beta version of iOS 8 information about the possibility of using multi-window mode.

the American was shot on my iPhone video for Celine Dion

Richard Dunne from the USA due to flight delays remained to spend the night at the airport. There he used his iPhone shot a video for the song Celine Dion.

New OS X 10.10 Yosemite Apple officially released

on the sidelines in San Francisco, WWDC 2014 Apple introduced a new version of its OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The novelty has a «flat» design and a number of additional features.

Founder of WhatsApp has accused Apple of plagiarism

the Creator of the popular mobile apps for messaging, WhatsApp, Ukrainian Yang Kum, believes that Apple «borrowed» some solutions of the popular messenger for implementing your own application iMessage in iOS 8.

Postulates Apple at WWDC 2014

At the last WWDC 14 Apple never showed any hardware product, but took the soul software, presenting an updated version of their operating systems and several satellite software solutions. Turned out to be something like a mission statement, and both literally and figuratively.

Apple introduced the iOS 8

Apple has introduced a new version of its mobile operating system iOS 8. The OS has been enhanced family access, processing, sending messages (including voice).

History of iOS development

At yesterday’s conference, Apple unveiled several new products, among which was and iOS 8. Version of the new OS nicely coincides with its age — it is already eight years kupertinsky the company annually updates its mobile platform. How does changing the iOS over the years?

to Hack an iPhone in 60 seconds

a Few days ago from the English-speaking world began to receive reports that some iPhone users have encountered with the hacker lock their devices. Nothing extraordinary, however, did not happen — the iPhone has never been a Bastion of reliability.

Published photo unusual prototype development Apple 80-ies

the German newspaper Zeit Online has published photos of prototypes of devices that Apple was developed in 1982.

the Official announcement of the iPhone 6 to be held on 19 September

According to one of the German mobile operators Deutsche Telekom new smartphone Apple iPhone 6 may be presented on September 19. Sales of the flagship should start after 1 or 2 weeks after the official release.

Display frame iPhone will be made of liquid metal

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. has published a new patent application from Apple entitled «Methods and systems integration of glass in a metal frame. The manufacturer plans to use liquid metal in the manufacture of the frames around the display in your iPhone and iPad.

Week views: Medvedev on Durov, the reasons for buying Beats and closing Twitter starts a new section. The most interesting and relevant opinions from the world of IT. Only on our site. This week spoke about the closure Twitter, disable GPS in Russia, Pavel Durov and purchase Beats by Apple.

Google has overtaken Apple in the ranking of the most expensive brands

research firm Millward Brown Optimor (MBO) from the UK once again ranked the most expensive brands. Topped the list of The BrandZ brand Google, surpassing the 1st place famous bitten Apple.

iOS 8 will give fans the high-quality sound

In the new version of the Apple mobile OS, iOS 8, will support high-quality audio, according to Japanese resource Macotakara. In addition, Apple creates for music lovers special in-ear headphones.

Apple has become the most attractive for «patent trolls» in 2013

While Apple is preparing to release its new iPhone, which should be out in a new format plantations, Bloomberg reported that Apple manufacturer has become a leader in the number of filed it in 2013, claims for infringement of patent rights.

iOS 8 will allow iPad users to work in multitasking

In the new version of iOS 8 iPad will see multi-tasking. When horizontally oriented screen of the tablet, the user will be able to open 2 apps at the same time.

iPhone 6 will present in August, the iPhone Air in September

New iPhone with a larger diagonals must already present in late summer and early autumn. 4.7-inch iPhone 6 reportedly Taiwan news will be officially announced in August, while 5.5-inch novelty will appear in September 2014.

the Experts confirmed the tactics Apple

Experts from Canalys analyzed data of the smartphone market during the first quarter of this year and confirmed that Apple’s decision to release plantation is justified.

What will be the watch iWatch?

H X close: Apple’s going to release its own smart watch, over which the company worked at least the last year and a half. The official announcement of the device kupertinsky the company has not made, but this does not mean that the iWatch is an insoluble mystery, about which nothing is known in the network about the clock, you can find tons believable and not very information which gives us a great will to fantasies and projections.

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