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Newspaper “Huanzhu the Shibao” published an article: “If you see someone IPhone 6 will look at him with contempt!”

«currently, the IPhone 6 in China is not officially sold. The iPhone 6, which you can see in China, brought smuggled into boxes of coffee and tea, and sometimes in underwear! Customs officials in Shenzhen, located on the border with Hong Kong, has already caught more than 1,800 such smuggled iPhones»

Newspaper “Junetsu the Shibao” calls “shameful” behavior of Chinese compatriots involved in the hype around the iPhone abroad, who are buying them to resell at home.

What is the recommended real patriots? Not to cave in to American products! To use Chinese phones! In Shanghai even imposed a ban for officials to buy smartphones foreign brands, of course, for security reasons.

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