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How Euroset bent Apple, and Tim cook refused to come to Russia

Around the EPL in Russia is number of events, it is time to write the novel. But most importantly, the company’s policy differs complete insanity and lack of understanding of the Russian market. The representation is exactly the same approach as in force rudimentarily its functions, the lack of influence on anything performs the role of boys and girls to speak «brilliant» decisions adopted at the head office. From London, the Russian specificity is very singular.

let me Remind you that all three operators of the big three has consistently refused the purchase of iPhones and showed the Apple on the door. The first was the Megaphone, followed by MTS, but Beeline stayed longer than the others and even wanted to agree, as the only operator with iPhones, it was arranged. That’s only in the EPL once felt that Beeline is not against to arrange supplies, again began to sing a stupid song that «it was a great honor to trade our products». Well not proposed to lick your heels and do a jig. In a Beeline looked at these diseases, and denied them from home. Those have long suffered and could not understand why they were sent and why not want to communicate.

the seriousness of the situation in Russia for Apple describes at least the fact that Tim cook himself was involved in the solving of problems. He tried to negotiate with the Russian operators. The funny thing is in this situation that Tim cook came out with exactly the same proposals that the company had done earlier. Don’t know about what he was thinking, but apparently decided that deigned to mere mortals, grant them eternal bliss, blinds one’s eyes with its light and they are not looking at all agree. Never happened — was in extremely unpleasant manner sent, these natives and altered saying that to repeat the same thing several times, I’m not. For stupid not collected.

Apple has gone on the market with an outstretched hand to collect small distributors who would rather operators could supply equipment. On usury and not favorable terms. Such was not and gradually Coherent remained in splendid isolation. In the first half of the share of contacts in the sales of iPhones not reached 50 percent. July began to grow and reached by August 60 percent. In September there will be about 70 percent. And here arose a precedent.

Euroset a very long time trying to negotiate with Apple on distribution. And Euroset doing it from a business perspective, explaining how to operate all manufacturers in Russia and how to operate the Vehicle. The latter did not want to work and can’t. However, in Euroset to work on the terms of the EPL can’t — it means not to receive any profit that demonstrates Coherent, in which the margin on iPhones minimum among all the products — it’s more for the prestige and turnover, but nothing else. Oh, and for market share.

When Apple lost operators only Coherent, developed technically situation, which may interfere with FAS — only one network exclusively delivers the goods to the market, there is no price competition. Moreover, this situation stems from the position of the Vehicle. A year earlier, when the FAS investigated the possibility of price collusion operators on the prices of the iPhones, the Agency acknowledged that the iPhone is a unique product that is associated by consumers with this brand. That is, de facto it has its niche in the market. This recognition of the FAS today played a bad joke with Apple — the company will now have to prove that either they are not unique and have a bunch of competitors and/or to admit that they used their position to create a monopoly and to fly on a bunch of fines. In a Coherent benefits were removed from the situation, that can be documented. Thus, it is a direct and immediate flight the EPL.

I like how Euroset played with EPL in this game and de facto created a lot of problems for the company. Their decision will take a lot of resources, time and nerves. But most importantly, in the end, Euroset may not get a contract, but other partners, the Company will be forced to give it. But on new terms. And it happily. In fact, this will mean that Apple will behave slightly differently. And Yes one last thing — great EPL for a long time already not great, since it may repeatedly bend companies, and operators are not allowed on the threshold of Tim cook and very rude to send him. The same figure, because in Russia clearly feel who need to be friends, but someone can be sent to the pedestrian erotic ride.

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