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Apple figured out how to rid the world of advertising

Apple has recently patented a device that, apparently, simply doomed to success, if only to hang up on him the correct price tag. However, it still must be brought to serial production, but to be him? Because we are talking about a device that lets the viewer get rid of the ads. At all!

the Device is able to determine, when is advertising. At the time of advertising the smart thing switches the channel, starting to lose the files, which the user is prompted to record separately.

for Example, «tell» favorite gadget clip or funny videos. When the device «understand»that the advertisement has ended, it will quickly cease, returning you to the ether. If «user will write a lot of alternative files, you will be able to put «likes» in their view. The system will understand that the owner is the closest thing — and it will randomly play the most pleasant record.

by the Way, earlier in the world of technology, there was talk that Apple as if it is going to release its own TV. Maybe right with the new technology and sell it? Like if such advertisers.

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Apple patents new revolutionary technology

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