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Patent law company PATENTUS > Apple intends to register in Russia trademark «Apple»

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According to media reports, the American company Apple Inc. attempts to register in Russia in his name trademark «APPLE» and «APPLE». A Representative Of Apple Inc. the applications were submitted for the registration of these trademarks in respect of a wide range of goods and services 9, 16, 28, 35, 37, 38, 41, 42, 45 classes of the nice classification.

However, it should be noted that in the State Register of trademarks already contains a number of phonetically identical announced by Apple Inc. trademark «APPLE» and «ALL».

the Main opponent of Apple Inc. for the sign «APPLE» could be the Russian United democratic party «YABLOKO», which owns exclusive rights to a trademark No. 412822 «APPLE» (registration date g.) in particular in relation to the goods 16, 35, 41 classes of the nice classification.

the Chairman of the Russian United democratic party «YABLOKO» Sergei Mitrokhin in connection with the information that the company Apple Inc. filed for registration the application for the trademark «APPLE» told reporters: «Apple is our brand. If political brand will coincide with the commercial, I don’t think we are going to manage it… Russian word «Apple» we are not ready to concede, English — please» (NTV).

the «YABLOKO»Party, in turn, may submit to Rospatent preliminary protest, warning thereby examination of intention to defend the right to its trademark «APPLE».

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Apple. Search tags. collective blogsManufacturers of computers and electrical engineering Samsung and Sony took the first two places in the ranking of the Favorite brands of Russians» 2013 market research Online Market Intelligence».

No Russian company was not included in the favorites, the respondents gave their votes for their favorite brands, preferred to choose foreign trademarks.

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Apple. Search tags. collective blogs

Apple in Russia June 3, 2013 filed application No. 2013718527 for registration of the word trademark «iWatch» in respect of goods 09 and 14 classes of the nice classification, claiming Convention priority date of the application in the territory of Jamaica (03.12.2012). In the case of decision by the application of a positive decision on the registration, legal protection of a trademark shall be valid from the date specified priority.

In accordance with the current edition of the international classification of goods and services (ICGS) watch relate primarily to a 14-class. However, since the watch iWatch from Apple are multi-function mobile device, in which the detection time is not the main, they should also be attributed to electronic devices (9th class of the nice classification).

due To the popularity of the iPhone, which was released in 2007, there was a growth of interest of manufacturers to symbols representing the name of a certain commodity with the prefix «i». So, trademarks incorporating the word element «iWatch» in various spellings, were registered in the name of different holders in Italy (2008), Switzerland (in 2007 and 2009, with respect to grade 9 and 14 of the class in the name of different companies).

Interestingly, the trademark «i-Watch» in Australia (the owner Miseng International Co. Ltd.) was registered in respect of goods in class 9 of the nice classification in 2002.

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