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Apple — an outstanding American Corporation, the Creator of the Macintosh (abbr. Mac, also later iMac), range of smartphones iPhone. MacBook and iPad tablet. The founders of the company — Steve jobs. Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne [1]. Steve jobs for many years was the CEO and mastermind behind the company, after his death the company was headed by Tim cook .

[edit ] Description

a long time ago, in ancient times, Apple first created in the computer industry many products, which in one form or another are still used. This company developed the first personal computer, the first computer mouse, and other fundamental now products. Then Apple has experienced a significant decline, which lasted two decades. The efforts of Steve jobs, the company was able to re-develop products, a significant demand, has acquired the status of a cult and have a large audience of fans, however, these efforts, in contrast to the first stage of the existence of Apple are more marketing than technological in nature. In recent years Apple from a technological point of view there is nothing new in the computer industry is not made, the popularity of its products is based on the original interface (often referred to as the company and the fans of its products «intuitive») and the appearance connected with marketing efforts to establish consumer felt that this was such an interface and appearance is the most convenient and innovative. Actually the interface of Apple products is not more intuitive than the competition, and during the transition, for example, with Microsoft products users typically experience difficulties with getting used to the new interface; Apple fans explain this by the fact that users of other systems, seemingly hopelessly flawed their awkward interfaces and acquired bad habits, from which it is very difficult to remove.

For the 2013-2014 , the company is the first by market capitalization, it is $415 billion [2]

currently, Apple manufactures a line of computers and laptops with embedded operating system (Mac OS or iOS, depending on the platform), as well as a few lines of mobile devices — smartphones and tablets. The considerable popularity of computer use among designers and artists, with the advent of smartphones and tablet computers Apple gradually becoming more popular by the company, the iPhone is a huge number of people, ranging from students and entrepreneurs and to Artem Lebedev and Dmitry Medvedev .

Now significantly more popular than the only competitor to the Mac OS — Windows (version 7 and 8)that is usually associated with low cost on traditional computers unlike Apple computers.

Apple provides plenty derived branded products, such as branded headphones for iPhone and iPad covers, and so p.

In Russia the official Resellers Apple is a company re:Store, its branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and several smaller cities.

Apple is the first to bring to market high-definition display (with the same resolution at which the person with average eyesight acuity may not consider the individual pixels), which the company calls a Retina Display. Although prototypes of high-definition display existed long before Apple, nobody wanted to use their personal devices; it was considered that it would not be in demand as a significant visual improvements to the pictures on the small screen does not occur. Apple were the first mass-marketed devices, which used high-definition display, and in the performance of Apple this move proved to be commercially successful. Subsequently, these displays have appeared in the mass products of other companies.

Apple supports digital App store. the Safari browser. cloud data storage iCloud. office iWork and iTunes .

[link ] Apple Fans

Apple has a large audience of fans of its products, whose loyalty to this company is very high, much higher than usual in the IT industry. Apple fans so believe that Apple products are the best that actively convince all the others, although no one pays them for advertising. In many ways, this situation — the result of the efforts of the company; its marketers call this strategy the «evangelism marketing.

the existence of a significant audience of fans Apple is manifested, in particular, on Habrahabr, where they can be called «abstractname». Some bloggers claimed that in response to criticism of Apple and its products to the participants of Habrahabr poured their karma. [3]

What is the difference between Apple fan from ordinary abrowser? The fact that it merges karma to all who do not share his desires. This happens even in response to zaplanowanie comments, that is expressing an opinion shared by the majority, as well as comments stating a simple objective fact.

At the same time in the same discussion it was argued that karma and comments poured and for the approval of products by Samsung.

People, indifferently related to Apple fans often compare its products with homosexuals and called these products «gay». The main reason for this, apparently, is the similarity of the behavior of the community of Apple fans with the gay community: they are just as intolerant of any criticism in response to her aggressive and United. This behavior, of course, is not caused by your use of technology Apple per se, but is a direct consequence of the strategy of evangelism marketing. The most adequate of the fans themselves use this Association in an ironic context; for example, when the announcement to the leper colony games made by leproserie, repeatedly asked whether «version for gays» (ie for the Mac or iPhone/iPad).

[edit ] Criticism

Apple is criticized for mass use DRM in their products, infringe the freedom of the users, the use of proprietary software, surveillance of users of patent trolling .

Zak Rogoff. organizer Defective by Design (FSF campaign to combat the spread of DRM technologies), says: [3]

Apple Devices to the eyeballs full of digital restrictions management (DRM). They will not allow you to change the operating system on free and will not even allow you to simply install a third-party application of your choice. This company uses a vast Arsenal of patents to suppress developers that do things reminiscent of Apple products, including accident

More to his argument can be found on the website Picture from the same site, translated into English:

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