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Review Apple iPad 2: not without flaws | Much more powerful graphics

the Graphics engine has also improved, and to a much greater extent than the processor. In the Apple A4 was integrated core PowerVR SGX 535, by today’s standards (including tablets) not high. In the Apple A5 SoC iPad 2 integrated core PowerVR SGX 543MP2. Moreover, the Shader pipeline core SGX 543 almost twice as fast as that of SGX 535, while the conveyors in the new kernel in four times. This allows marketers Apple to talk about the nine-fold increase graphics performance.

Graphics core the Apple iPad 2 supports DX9 and OpenGL ES 2.0, according to some sources provides the performance 63 Mpolys/s and 1.8 Gpx/s. And that means (there are already working examples) that games created specifically for the iPad 2 will be more detailed and beautiful. Current games also receive acceleration — we noticed that the FPS in «good old» three-dimensional toys (e.g., NOVA) is much higher. On the other hand, games like Angry Birds, we have not noticed any dramatic changes.

There are already games, which differs not only FPS, but the graphics. For example, here is a collage of screenshots from RealRacing 2 HD:

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