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Photographer from Wonderland Alice

I don’t know what I’m always busy, but I’m always so busy! (C) / Pathological bedliner.

Sometimes it is extremely useful to break boundaries, to do something unique and memorable. How did the photographer Kirsty Mitchell. It comes from the English of Kent, known as the «garden of England», where mother used to read her stories.

When she grew up, began to study art history, photography, design. Passed training in the studios of Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan. Then suddenly grabbed the camera. And when her mother died, photography was the only way to relax and escape from the emotions that she could not stop.

So art became the meaning of life and profession Kirsty. Often photos of Kirsty called crazy tale. But in fact it is a harmonious fusion of work of photographer and designer, who do not spare props and paints. Kirsty fundamentally does not shoot in the Studio and don’t like to use photoshop in their work.

As for the ideas, then, according to the girl, they walk beside her. She is not trying to pass for the original, and does what he feels and what she wants, or simply recalls the tales that were told to her mother.

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