the post turned out to be spontaneous. inspired Catherine with his comment about girls over forty:

«Oh no, just realized that the world is not perfect. And actually learned something. «

Series message «a man and a woman «: This section is about the psychology of the relations of men and women. Sexual and social interactions. About gender behavior. About the Masculine and Feminine Principles. About the Inner Man and Inner woman. Part 1 — As it happens ))) love.

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evelyn_apple• «How kind of you to think that advertising texts are written from the heart» — as Charles Saatchi answers the question, does he created advertising his worldview. source

• Even if we do not realize that they had seen an advertisement, it affects our evaluation and selection of fashionable clothes. source

• the average Internet user sees about 2000 ad banners per month. The chances that he will click on the banner is smaller than the chances of survival in a plane crash.

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