Official website of the company to the FDA trade


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Official website of the company to the FDA trade

Apple-Trade is a trade representative of the manufacturer apples Polsad S.S. (Republic of Poland) .

Polsad S.S. Reached a high level of quality of its products thanks to the technology used for cultivation and storage. With it You can find on this site.

the organization of the supply through its own sales office made it possible to build the entire chain from harvest to delivery to the final customer in Russia in a single production cycle, eliminating damage to apples, the deterioration of their appearance, reducing their taste and useful properties.

Sorting equipment allows you to control the size of the fruit, which eliminates the re-grading.

We arrange direct delivery of the ordered consignments directly from the manufacturer. Varietal composition of the party is formed in accordance with the customer’s application. It’s also possible to deliver the goods from a warehouse in St. Petersburg.

we Invite to cooperation of trade and supply organizations, retail chains and stores.

Three reasons to choose us:




to buy merchandise firsthand You don’t have to go abroad, to take on the customs and currency risks, to engage in international logistics. You will receive the goods on the same conditions in St. Petersburg.

Official website of the company to the FDA trade

article Summary: OOO «the FDA trade» is the official trade representative of the horticultural cooperative Spoldzielnia sadownicza “POLSAD” w lewiczynie (Poland) in Russia and carries out direct deliveries of apples to the Russian consumers. apple

Source: the Official website of the company «the FDA trade»

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