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We suspend our activities. There are a lot of reasons, including more interesting things and change. Maybe we’ll get to that next time will do really super. Or maybe I will not return.

Shop for some time will work. But the blog and accepting applications for training anymore.

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About security of data in iCloud

Two weeks ago, we wrote about. dear Apple lost all our documents, which itself is proposed to store in iCloud and guaranteed their safety.

now, all these guarantees are empty words, and in fact, Apple is not responsible for the safekeeping of these documents. In the end we have lost 15 very valuable files (books and trainings). worked for 2 years, and now Apple is not only not going to return (and ensured that all will recover). but after requirements to compensate for two years and another year to recover damages for delivered, generally went in dumb frost: not some nameless «girls» support and mid-level officers with famiIy and positions not responsible for emails or phone calls. Apparently, all of them have been training, «We understand how you feel, but unfortunately….» and obviously there are sure that these words REPLACE the customer THEY lost.

so, what happened, how, why, who, what and (most importantly for the reader) something to fear in the future:

Free upgrade to iWork and iLife’13

Apple has given users a trial set from the old DVD and even users blatantly stolen packages iWork and iLife free upgrade to their latest versions.

at First, when we discovered this update, I thought it was some kind of glitch the App Store. But poking around the Internets learned that it’s not a glitch, and order a big way, feasible only the biggest and richest companies in the world. Now anyone who «very honestly wanted to buy the program, but no money» (the most ridiculous comment of the people who bought the comp for at least $1000 and you can’t buy the software for $50). Apple gave the opportunity to legalize their programs and normally bind them to your Apple ID. Gave, in General.

Step, frankly, unprecedented: the Mavericks gift, iWork (all purchased after October 22, Mac or iOs devices) the gift, and now not only full Amnesty to all rogue, but the provision of these programs in the free gift (not very note, a pleasant situation for those who bought the program, soK. it is a free update for some reason unavailable. New versions of these packages such people should buy. Strange..). The scale is amazing, and only than can we explain the willingness not just to increase market share, but to dominate it. Information about for PR campaign such a huge amount of lost profits to explain just ridiculous.

Yandex appeared in Safari 7.0

in Addition to Google, Yahoo! and Bing in the list of search engines Safari appeared Yandex. To make the Yandex search engine the default in Safari settings, in the section «Main»:

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

let’s Add that it’s not necessary to do, and us, for example, are quite satisfied with Google. But I must say that this is a great victory Yandex, especially considering that even Baidu is the largest search engine of China’s (and there network users, slightly more than in Russia). the search engines Safari was not added.

About free iWork

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

do Not rush to buy a new version of iWork. As reported by the Western colleagues and dozens of pages of unhappy reviews on the Apple Discussions iWork’13 — this is a big degradation. Apple, apparently, decided to make a version of iWork for Mac and iOs identical, but instead of working on a more powerful version for iOs, facilitated and cut a version for Mac.

So, for example, in the new Pages now you cannot customize the toolbar in its own way, or to drag and drop pages in the correct order or duplicate them, has greatly reduced the number of styles and templates, disappeared footnotes and preview pages etc. I.e. now it’s not a tool for professionals, but simply beautiful text editor whose capabilities do not differ greatly from the standard TextEdit, but with the possibility of working together.

All too-thing is with Keynote .

don’t know about the Numbers and it is hard to imagine that can be safely removed from tools for working with tables, but hurry with the update is not recommended.

We esteemed Apple Discussions and absolutely everyone who worked with iWork for a long time and with pleasure, they say that they are significantly more organized would just update iWork’09. But in this matter comrades from Apple went even further: if you have, for example, the installation DVD with iWork’09 and you want to revert to a previous version, then re-installing it, you will not be updates available for all of the last 4 years. I.e. to install the previous version you can, but it will remain at the 2009 level. About how.

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

a Brief overview of the OS X 10.9 Mavericks

In General, the comrades of the Apple as well consider all that necessary in this review no: immediately after installation, the system POPs up a notification asking you to familiarize yourself with all the improvements, and if you agree, it makes it even Russian. It’s great. To write that much clearer and better expressed on the website Apple already makes no sense. Therefore, we recommend that you agree to the proposal to show the new OS X Mavericks and all too most, what now groan okaloacoochee blogs — about iBooks. Maps. the tags and tabs Finder. cloud keychain, etc. to see yourself in the original:

the Only thing that we would like to say (besides, of course, enthusiasm, and they really deserved and we are in no case do not want to present the matter as though to admire absolutely nothing). it is literally a few important points:

1. Finally idiotic word «Sevmorput» (an imitation of the interface programs textures «alive» materials: stone, leather, wood, and soD. for example, in a leather binding iCal or wooden shelf iBookstore. It was like the former Vice President of Apple’s Scott Forstall, and all the rest no). so now the word will finally disappear from blogging about Apple and vocabulary of their visitors, because now OS X is minimal and there is no imitation, no textures in it no apomine. Although, Notes, frankly, a little sad too. in our opinion, they were nicer than the current one, as their font.

2. iCloud Keychain. or cloud keychain, which stores and synchronizes passwords between all devices connected to one Apple ID, UKRAINE is NOT WORKING. The letter «» developed by Apple, apparently, knew only two States: «Uganda» «Uruguay», in which this function operates. And in Ukraine. Why, we don’t know. But in the list of available countries and their codes in the settings iCloud Keychain Ukrainian code 380 no (by the way, is there some reason that is a lot less populated and even quite exotic dwarf countries) .

3. the Quick scrolling is adjusted in the System settings under Trackpad > scroll Speed .

4. If you don’t like the new sort order of lists of files, programs, etc. (before the first showing files with names in English. and then in Russian; now in reverse order). then it can be changed by setting the «Universal» in Language, and region in the System settings:

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

5. Oh and last until noted: pressing the power button now puts the Mac into sleep mode, whereas before, when clicked, opened a very convenient window select: off, sleep, restart. Now, to call this window, press and hold the power button for a little longer:

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

lock the screen (so that all programs continued to work, but the access was closed) you can shortcut Ctrl?Power. and the power button now also need to hold a little longer (otherwise the Mac will go to sleep) .

For those who are uncomfortable to use shortcuts to lock screen you can also use regular programs keys. Go to settings and then select the function «Show status…»:

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

then the menu bar will appear with a lock icon, clicking on which you can lock the screen by clicking Exit :

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners


that’s all For today.

Thank you, good evening, and all.

How to install OS X 10.9 Mavericks completely

If after upgrading to OS X 10.9 Mavericks, your Mac has become blunt, long to be loaded, to make noise, to be heated or otherwise to work less, it is recommended to reinstall everything clean.

Apple is well done and the way they are installing a new OS when it is loaded from the App Store, simple and convenient for most users: «to Buy» «Set». But this method is (as he thought) still installs the vast array of new files on top of a huge pile of old. Yes, all this clever process: first, all archived files, then install new, and then taken from the old configuration files, and soQ. But every time you upgrade your Mac OS so there are quite many users there are a lot of problems. And this is not because they have some bad programs, or hand something wrong. It’s just happening.

Therefore, for those who want a brand-new, normal and fast system, we recommend that you install all clean. It is longer and harder, but better. In the end, you get a completely new system. And the files, programs and settings are fine then restored using native program migration Assistant .

Finally, this option is perfectly solves the problem of file fragmentation, which, though not visible on fast SSDS all recent Mac, but it is still there: in the process, the new files are not recorded in each cell in a row, and in free space, which is not always enough to record the whole file. Resulting in different parts of the same file are written in several different sectors of the disk that over time, in any case, deceleration Mac or increasing the load on it. If you install all clean, all the files restored from the backup will be written in full and in the order that makes the system work with them. And for those who have a Mac with a normal HDD and not SSD SSD, the difference in performance is very noticeable.

so, how to completely reinstall Mac OS:

Apple special event 22.10.2013

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

Today Apple released the Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. new Macbook Pro Retina 13 and 15, the new software packages iLife and iWork. and the new iPad Air and iPad Mini .

1. Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

the Most important and perhaps the only thing to say about it — Mac OS X is now FREE! Go to the App Store, software update or download the update from this link

2. Macbook Pro Retina

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

Macbook Pro 13 and 15 received new Intel Haswell, were in all respects faster, better, longer, etc. and when this began to cost $200 cheaper than previously.

About the Macbook Pro with optical drive and hard drive not a word was said, that most likely means that to produce them in the Apple will no longer. It also hints and page Macbook Pro from the Apple Online Store. where these models there is only one Junior 13″, at the price of $1200.

We again showed the monster, and again said that the sale of it will come later. This time in December. Prices start at $2,999.

4. iLife & iWork

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

All programs package iLife — iPhoto. iMovie and Garage Band (both Mac and iOs). — has undergone a complete redesign and also absolutely free (Mac they were previously free. They are now free for iOs.). Don’t know whether an update is available the old iLife programs to new, find out tomorrow.

the New office Suite iWork — Pages. Numbers and Keynote is finally released. And finally he provides the opportunity to work with documents. In addition, all programs, iWork, and iLife now FREE too (with every purchased by Apple. Download them for free from the App Store with the old Mac is unlikely to succeed) .

also note that fully work with iWork programs (create, edit, forward, to work together, to delete files) you can now not only on Apple devices, but also through any web browser on any OS (if Apple ID, of course). This step Apple finally has done the job in Google Docs or Windows 365 unnecessary Apple user.

School Apple. Mac, iPhone, iPad for beginners

He became thinner, lighter, faster, longer and in all senses cooler: CPU A7 M7 coprocessor; Wi-Fi 802.11ac two antennas; the thickness of only 7.5 mm weight ? 450 gr.

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