About the company


«Famagusta» — major Federal distributor of audio video and household appliances on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main direction of our activity is wholesale trade of products under the brand BBK — one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in China.

About the company

the assortment of the company «Famagusta» every year is rapidly expanding, and currently our trading portfolio includes more than twenty categories of equipment. In the line of almost all digital devices, necessary for the Russian consumer has chosen interesting decisions for him and formed a system videonabludenie at home, as well as portable, appliances and lighting:

  • DVD-engineering (karaoke DVD players, portable DVD players, home DVD theater)
  • Audio (Microsystem, DVD mini, active acoustics, CD/MP3 receiver, wireless speakers, headphones and microphones)
  • Tablet computers, DVB-T2 receivers, telephones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Led lamps and other

About the brand BBK

the Group of companies BBK Electronics was founded in 1998 and since then has been developing and manufacturing consumer electronics under the brand name BBK.

Today BBK is one of the leaders of the Russian market of audio-video and home appliances. Every third Russian family has at least one device, issued by the manufacturer. About the company

in Addition to numerous professional awards, which products BBK regularly receives test results and reviews the company has received national recognition, becoming three times winner of the prestigious «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA». And it is no coincidence: the specialists develop each product is specially for the Russian consumer.

BBK — Chinese brand. But all the equipment BBK, which can be purchased on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, developed and manufactured specifically for consumers in these countries. Unlike many other world renowned companies creating technique without regard to the peculiarities of the mentality or the level of income, BBK takes these factors into account. That’s why we can offer the Russians products, unique in the combination of the factors of quality, price and technical equipment, and services and development, analogues of which are not. For example, In Ergo — single principle of intuitive on-screen interfaces, which was developed in the Russian designer Artemy Lebedev Studio for DVD technology BBK, and now it is implemented in televisions.

the company’s Goal is the creation of a convenient and recognizable product for a wide range of users. BBK seeks to implement modern technology in a beautiful and quality products, so it was affordable for the mass consumer today.

We sincerely wish to make every day life of a modern family more comfortable and happier and that’s why we offer equipment BBK combining these corner values:

the Products we sell, optimum functionality. It implements all necessary and required user functions. Special attention to the manufacturer pays the ease of use of its equipment and is closely monitoring the development of new technologies. Engineers Chinese companies are doing everything possible to create a modern device with current and even innovative functionality. Brand BBK confidently takes its consumer niche in the market among other manufacturers of audio-video equipment and consumer electronics.

BBK Electronics collaborates with world leaders in the production of electronics such as RealTek, MediaTek, Sigma, M-Star, Ali Corporation, etc. and uses their vast experience in the production of reliable and modern chipsets to create high quality and innovative electronics. This BBK is not buying standard solutions, and always trying to adapt them as software and user levels, and at the level of «iron».

BBK creates a stylish product, inspired by modern trends in design. Thanks to the cooperation of the company BBK Electronics with leading Korean and Russian design Bureau, its products meets all the modern trends in design and fits perfectly into any interior, providing additional comfort to the user.


ongoing priority for BBK is the quality of the products and the absence of any problems with it. We are confident in the product that we offer, and therefore the user is granted a warranty on all equipment. About the company

For service maintenance equipment BBK on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries was based LLC Management Service Company ( www.bbk-sc.ru ). The organization provides a full cycle of service, including pre-sale, warranty and post-warranty repair. Currently in Russia there are more than 300 authorized service centers BBK. This allows to perform the obligation to repair electronics. Established supply chain of components and provide technical documentation provide efficient and high quality solution to any problems related to equipment BBK.

«the Service at the level of international standards is one of the main principles of the company BBK Electronics.

To support the consumers a Single information center BBK Electronics. Anyone who has questions related to the purchase or use of the company’s products, you may contact the representative of the centre.

Also on our website service is running online support for those who are more comfortable with talking with the consultants in writing via chat: assistants information center processes requests online.

the history of the development of the brand

it’s been over ten years since the first DVD player BBK in Russia. During this period the company managed to achieve a lot: new product category, technology BBK repeatedly been noted by experts, the company has received several significant awards. About the company

of 2000. — first deliveries DVD player BBK brand in Russia

2002. early deliveries to Ukraine

2003. — delivery of products in Latvia, Moldova, Estonia

in 2004. — organized service center BBK

in 2004. started deliveries to Kazakhstan and Belarus

in 2004. — the opening of the information centre BBK

2005. — launched a new category of products — LCD TVs

2005. — presents its own development KARAOKE MIX™, allowing the team singing competition

2006. — achieving a leading position on the Russian market in the category of DVD technology

2006. — development in conjunction with Studio A. Lebedev interface In the Ergo for DVD technology BBK

2006. — silver award in the category «Consumer electronics» (international contest brand of the Year/ EFFIE)

2007. company BBK ranks fifth in the Russian market, sales of LCD TVs

2007. — bronze award for marketing strategy in categories MP4 Flash players (international contest brand of the Year/ EFFIE)

2007. — «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA» in the category of DVD players (national award «people’s brand»)

2008. — in DVD player BBK embedded KARAOKE system TM. showing scoring performance with any karaoke DVD

2009. — on the Russian market presents a full line of LCD TVs BBK from 10 to 47 inches

2009. — there is a new for the Russian market category products — network media player BBK PopcornTV

2009. in the company’s lineup appears first model LCD TV with led backlight LT4222HDL

2009. — «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA» in the category of DVD players (national competition «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA»)

2010. the emergence in the company’s range of new categories: Blu-ray players and HD media players. The development of the portal Russian Internet services Mediabar for easy access to Internet resources from the TV screen

2010. edition LCD TV with built in HD media player

2011. — new for the Russian market category devices — MKV DVD players, high-resolution

2011. — «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA» in the category «DVD players»(the Annual award of the national trust «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA»)

2011 — presents new line of LED TVs in different design with built-in HD media player, a DVD player and DVB-T-tuner

2011. — development of an intuitive user interface In Ergo and a convenient remote control for LED TVs BBK

2011. — in stock BBK appears household kitchen appliances (microwave ovens, multivarki, electric and other)

2011. the company enters the market with DVB-T receivers

2012. — introduction of additional quality assurance LED TVs BBK — certification Zero Pixel

2012. the award «Product of the year 2012» in the category «Portable DVD player»

2013. — DVB-T2 receivers BBK occupy leading positions on the Russian market

2013. — another victory in the national award «BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA» in the category «DVD players»

2013. — LLC «Famagusta» represents on the Russian market lineup of tablet computers BBK

2014. category led lamp BBK opens a new section of the product range of the company «Famagusta» — «Lighting»

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