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TV BBK LD1912K and LD2212K — a new milestone in the series Palette

April 10, 2010

BBK, Advanced Gadgets BBK announced that the range LCD TV series Palette was enriched in two models — LD1912K and LD2212K .

the kit is an interesting gadget includes panel yellow, silver and blue hues that allows the user to pretransitional your TV in any of these colors. These panels are mounted on the housing with built-in magnets.

Devices differ in screen size diagonally — 19 and 22 inches. Both TV with standard HD Ready 720p — user can see even the smallest details of the image in high quality.

TVs LD1912K and LD2212K have integrated VGA connector, which allows them to work together with laptop or desktop PC.

in Addition to showing terrestrial and satellite television, gadgets able to read DVDs. This capability is achieved through the slot Slot-in on the side of the housing. Also new products have the card reader, which allows you to read various information from the drives of the MMC standard, the time we have MemoryStick and SD cards. Built-in USB port allows you to read data from flash drives and external hard drives.

TV BBK Palette LD1912K and LD2212K can please a certain portion of users built-in karaoke function. Therefore, the set with the TV comes with a CD recorded on it 5000 songs for karaoke.

About the price of these devices and of the date of their appearance on the shelves at the moment are not yet known. But their admission to the sale is expected in March this year. read more

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