BBK, BBK Brand


BBK, BBK Brand

the Corporation BBK Electronics Corp. LTD. was founded in China in 1995. The main office is located in the South of the country, in the province of Guangdong. Today BBK Electronics ranked first in the production of DVD players in China among domestic producers.

currently, the Corporation produces products for three main areas: Audio, video, telecommunications, Technology for learning.

BBK Electronics — it is a team of professionals in their field. All equipment is designed and assembled in our own factories using high quality components from leading manufacturers. More than a decade of research experience in the field of digital audio-visual equipment allows the company to offer the best range of quality, modern and stylish equipment. This ensures the stability of the company and ensures high customer confidence in the company’s products.

In the last 5 years the company has supplied equipment to more than 30 countries around the world. Since 2000 BBK Electronics pays great attention to the markets of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. For countries in the region, the company produces products under the brand name BBK.

BBK Electronics Corp. LTD. has several factories in China. All factories are equipped with modern equipment and have an international certificate of quality and safety (production cycles correspond to standard ISO 9001). More than 250 specialists control the quality of products manufactured in the factories of the company.

the Company started its production activity with the release of wired phones and training systems — lingaphone, keyboards, electronic translators. Created in 1997, the division for the production of audio, video, production began VCD players, the second step was the release of DVD players. Two years later the company has mastered production of amplifiers, speaker systems for home theater. Since 2003, manufactured portable DVD and audio/video players. In 2005, the Corporation has expanded its area of 30 hectares — in the summer, went into operation a new production site — BBK Industrial Park. The increase of the industrial base made it possible to carry out scheduled for 2005 release of GSM phones, LCD TVs, LCD TVs with built-in DVD player, flash audio player, karaoke DVD systems.

the core of the company — six departments in the development and design of various types of equipment. Here a new technique employs more than four hundred experienced professionals. Just on the company employs about 13,000 people. Innovative design, advanced technical solutions, high performance — the result of their work.

Russia, CIS and Baltic States — it is one of the key markets for the company. Developers consider all requests of the consumer: packaging and instructions, equipping local design and technical solutions, localization menu. All manufactured equipment receives a certificate of compliance in each country where they sell equipment company BBK Electronics.

the most Important task of the company — providing warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment. In all countries the official delivery company IHC Electronics has created an extensive network of authorized service centers, which are currently over three hundred.

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