BBK — company-manufacturer of home audio-video and TV electronics. Our goal — the creation of a convenient and recognizable product for a wide range of users. Therefore, we strive to implement modern technology in a beautiful and quality products, so it was affordable for the mass consumer today. We propose a technique that combines four factors:

— advanced technical equipment

modern design and ergonomics

reliability of use


To become in the eyes of the Russian consumer one of the most reliable manufacturers, multifunctional, high-quality and affordable products, we adhere to the following principles:

to Keep up with the times: we are constantly researching the Russian market of consumer electronics and analyzed consumers ‘ expectations. We produced a technique that is primarily of interest for Russian users and optimally meets their needs.

to Give new opportunities: we want as many Russians could afford the latest technology and do not limit yourself access to the most popular services and entertainment.

to Be honest and open: we understand that there is always something to strive for, and accept all suggestions and criticisms in our address — because this is the path to self-improvement and self-development. We are committed to providing products of decent quality and in ensuring a high level of service, and therefore appreciate any feedback about our company.

to Be responsible: we do not strive to be the best in everything: we — professionals in the area that do. Before production, under development, we take a direct part in the fate of our products and try not to let her out of sight until the completion of the entire life cycle (cessation of production). We know our product and are completely responsible for what we offer Russian consumers.

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