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Here is informal software player bbk965S [DV721S]

(for player DV516S [DV966S] below you «Archive modified firmware» ).

Official support for this player is on the website BBK Electronics.

the Current discussion of the player bbk965S [DV721S] is iXBT forum. Archive discussion can be found by following this link. My nick in the forum: a-ha .

Thanks to:

— Andy007, fox88, Rvs2 for assistance in upgrading firmware,

— Maksi for the restoration of card player,

— Nextriver Software, Cosimino UD Popov V.M. combo, evilmeat, Vian, TimAnd, MonstR, Mtur, K_Sergey, sepulka for supporting the project!

Firmware 721SI-0A-1130 (In’Ergo).

Attention! This firmware does not work function Logo Capture (Save frame).

article Summary: bbk

Source: BBK965S.NAROD.RU

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