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BBK DV967S Firmware recovery code remote control


When configuring a universal remote that came with the DVD player DV967S it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions — to tune to a specific TV model only in the TV position (switch TV/DVD — is set to TV). Otherwise, it can be broken configuration management code DVD player.

if the result is incorrect actions panel is out of order (do not control the DVD player or team are wrong), to restore the operability of the remote, type in the DVD mode code 013 (algorithm the code is similar to code when configured for a specific TV model):

Press SET and hold it, then press STANDBY — the indicator will show a solid red light.

Enter using numeric keys code 013 — if you entered the code correctly, the led will go out.

the Remote control is ready for operation.

Mei VI.

In attache firmware (just in case)

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