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MP3 players BBK — rates

MP3 players IHC

We already got used, that we are surrounded by various devices that make life easier and without many devices, of course, now can not imagine the further existence. Phones allow us to be always connected, and MP3 player, like an invisible friend brightens and diversifies our leisure.

What might be useful MP3 player? Of course the radio, record important information, reminders, and most importantly, listening to music. «Yes, almost any phone can do this» — You say, but still he has a different purpose, therefore, unlikely that the proposed set of capabilities will appeal to a real music lover.

of Course, choosing an MP3 player, we hope for a long life of use and quality of, preferably, at an affordable price. Here, for example, MP3 players company IHC, very revealing in this respect.

the history of the company, manufactures MP3 players IHC, started in 1995, and in 2000, the Russian consumers could appreciate good quality and inexpensive appliances. During this time the company IHC showed itself as a responsible manufacturer, promoting the principle: «a Quality product of advanced technology at an affordable price!»

All MP3 players IHC are produced with a special system of treatment compositions that can improve the sound quality and to enrich it with new shades. The equalizer provides 8 standard play modes, and manual configuration.

MP3 players IHC plays MP3, WMA, WAV, and some models, in addition to this, more and MPEG-4 (video), TXT (text), JPEG (images). Retractable USB connector gives you the ability to use the device as a keychain for carrying data. And, thanks to a special audio, MP3 players IHC perfectly compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and air shut-off function timer.

Every MP3 player IHC comes with all necessary accessories such as a strap for carrying on the arm and protective case. Built-in microphone allows you to use the player as a voice recorder, and record transfer received FM tuner. All MP3 players IHC complete Russification menu, all the file names in the Russian language, which is perfectly visible on the large display. Type of control devices: keypad or touch.

Buying MP3 players IHC, you will get excellent quality and impeccable workmanship at affordable price. This will allow You naslajdatsa music, view your favorite photos and videos.

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