Multivarka BBK reviews, rates


Multivarka BBK reviews, prices

Multivarka — appliance kitchen appliances, designed for quick and easy cooking a variety of dishes from hot soups and crumbly side dishes to exotic desserts and soft-baked.

the Chinese manufacturing, widely known for the quality of their audio systems, now consumers will see the emergence of a new range of products in the field of kitchen appliances — multivarki. IHC offers its new models of multivarok: MC5111SB and MC4111SB. The data model of the same quality and the difference between them consists only in power consumption and size of the main vessels for boiling.

using multivarki IHC hostess will be able to spend time on cooking. Multivarki have several major programmes for cooking, but in no cases cannot be limited to the name of «Porridge» preparing cereals, because it can be used to cook a lot of different side dishes. The same applies to other modes through which you can prepare hot meals of potatoes, meat, vegetables, cook a variety of delicious desserts and even pastries. Special attention deserves the most useful functions of the «Bystrovka» or «Melenovsky», timers, cooking and keeping the heat to Your dishes.

Detailed specifications multivarok IHC

features of models multivarok company of the IHC should include:

  • Eight automatic programs cooking, which include: Soup and Porridge, jelly and Pudding, cooking poultry (Duck/Chicken), cooking lamb or beef, cooking burgers or dishes of pork, mode hot cakes ;
  • Separate Heating option allows you to reheat food in multivarka in two modes — normal and steam;
  • Function of maintaining meals hot, valid up to twenty-four hours, which will allow you to experience the unique taste of fresh food at any time of the day;
  • delay start allows you to put the right ingredients into the container, and the time the food is ready to exhibit at a convenient hour. Delay start possible to twenty-four hours.
  • Delicate technology cooking and even heating that allows you to save a lot of useful elements and vitamins;
  • power supply (in thousand watt model MC5111SB or nine hundred watt model MC4111SB;
  • Main ceramic capacity for cooking with non-stick and anti-bacterial properties, very resistant to external influences. The capacity of the vessel, depending on the model is slightly different: in the older models (MC5111SB) it is equal to five liters. and in the younger (MC4111SB) — four ;
  • Mode melenovsky when food stew at very low temperatures. This is the mode that will allow you to save the most useful properties of the products;
  • Mode cookers, when the products are prepared under high pressure, aided by special robust design multivarki.

IHC — multivarka with the best ratio price/quality

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