On-line. Pilot.BBk, Part 3


about the night and a little about the day

In columns plays — CINEMA, album, «the History of this world»

Mood now — morning confused

but first day. the feeling of flight did not leave all day.

This is the greatest feeling that this is YOUR world (like in one of the stories Lukyanenko) that the entire universe operates according to thy laws, and all within just your thoughts On-line. Pilot.BBk, Part 3 the feeling of flying through life.

this is an insane feeling, which leads to delusions of grandeur.

walking on the razor’s edge. a little latessa and you will fall into the abyss. into the abyss of madness On-line. Pilot.BBk, Part 3

just caught myself thinking. what then repeat Erkina words


so rarely comes this irresistible desire to break away from the earth. to feel a strange feeling when something is tested in a dream! as his feet leave the earth and the body cuts through the air rising in the heights!

but this time only having risen as high as possible, close to the light, to douche already broken bloodied wings and. falling stone from the heavens to crash.

night, as always, came suddenly, after about an hour, after the end of the film. Stunning cinema.

«Remember» Christopher Nolan. 2000

and the words of the epilogue. «we all need memories to know who we are. I — no exception»

didn’t want to go to sleep — had the feeling that I have not had time to do something is forgotten.

but had to succumb to the call of the body. otherwise he would I did not understand.

and only went as thoughts went to his head, banishing sleep. helped them Maman, starting art to snore.

decided to get up and write down my thoughts in Liwa. not given — Maman had to Wake up before I got to the computer.

but the thought didn’t pass, still faintly remember. almost verbatim

«you was so passionate about their nature, their relatively complex appearance, attempts to prove to myself that I can get to bed any muzyka. I did not even notice that the person loves and hates at least a bit of attention on your part, at least one step forward. and when you have done this step. really small. but it was enough for him. you just gave, while accusing him, and stripped themselves of all responsibility for our decisions. probably right, I think too much about myself, but I did everything. in order to be closer to you. we both — egoists. egoists are not destined to be together. goodbye!»

what t like that.

and all night awake cat. first, she woke all, demanding to be released on the street. then she began to demand that she was let in to the room to lie down comfortably. then she slept next to me. and there was not even a desire to pavarottis, only that it does not Wake. though she purred. and it helped to sleep. the whole night was troubled by some nightmares. no. not those that monster movie. internal fears again climbed out. just from them all the time I woke up and thought about how much time. and isn’t it time to stand

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