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the Company BBK presented a model that will compete in the markets of low-end and middle-end. It is also noteworthy that the manufacturer uses the same processor as in the initial models, and in models of higher level. The advantage of this approach is obrabotannoi technologies.

the DVD Format was developed in the early 90-ies of the last century, and enough time was available to a wide range of consumers, as the cost of DVD players and media significantly exceeded the psychological barrier. Do not forget that watching a DVD on a normal TV was pointless, so many preferred recorders. Today, the DVD format is going through its «Golden period».

a fierce competition has led manufacturers to ensure that the cost of some models of DVD players close to 50 dollars, and the media with movies, which are sold by pirates millions, if not billions, can be purchased in almost every underpass capital. However, say that the film on DVD in the vast majority of cases recorded with MPEG2 compression, which can be decoded, for example, using inexpensive hardware solutions, but the compression ratio greatly affects the quality of the picture. So, if you see on a pirate collapse of the DVD with all parts of «Star Wars»don’t rush to buy it, because you hardly get pleasure from viewing them. Also, do not forget that on the DVD found screen copies, which bring only one disappointment. But that’s a whole other material, and today we look at three of the DVD player company BBK, which belong to the series In the Ergo. Developed a new series of joint efforts of Russian and Chinese engineers and specialists industrial design Studio art Lebedev. And I must say, these efforts were unsuccessful.

first, completely redesigned on-screen menu. All items carefully regrouped, making the structure more logical — for example, in the «Sound» contains all the audio settings in the «Image» — video settings I.P. So now to get lost in the wilds of the menu will not work even with all the desire. Plus, adjustment now had clear views on the principle of Winampa — «sliders» and «sliders». The appearance of the menu is also changed — developed a new font, changed the background, the lines became more soft and smooth.

secondly, there is a new remote control. Underutilized button was removed, transferring these functions to the menu, and left all the desired and necessary. In addition, now the remote is logically divided into several conventional zones, each of which is responsible for its management area. So you can control almost to the touch.

Modern DVD players are controled with a remote control. Is no exception BBK DV326SI, buttons which can be called a decorative element. On the front panel there are only four keys power on/off, eject/close the tray, playback, and stop playback.

Review DVD player BBK

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