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Also known as:

* Audio-video equipment

* telecommunications

* Technique for learning

All equipment is designed and assembled in our own factories using high quality components from leading manufacturers. BBK Electronics offers the best range of quality, modern and stylish equipment. This ensures the stability of the company and ensures high customer confidence in the brand IHC.

Since 2000 BBK Electronics pays great attention to the Russian market. In December 2003, there have been official representation BBK Electronics Corp. Ltd in Russia. The company leads the development of technology specifically for the Russian consumer, considering all the features and standards adopted in the country.

On the Russian market BBK Electronics Corp. Ltd presented their products in 2000. Russia — it is one of the key markets for the company, so developers should take into account all the needs of Russian consumers, starting with the design of packaging, and to Russification menu. In addition — modern design, the presence of the connector RGB/SCART, compatible with MP3, Karaoke, easy menus, instruction in Russian, multiconnect and the multi-format — all this BBK Electronics offers the user. In August 2003 on sale players with the new OSD menu and support of Russian-language file names, ID3 tags and CD text. The company has established an extensive network of authorized service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation and the near abroad. By 2004 this number had increased to two hundred.

BBK Electronics is constantly developing and improving its products. Modern and progressive position BBK Electronics allows the company to subtly feel every nuance of the market and offer consumers exactly what they need. Constantly updated product range IHC reflects the desire to keep up with the latest achievements of modern technology. At the end of 2003 in Russia was represented by the first digital video IHC with built-in hard disk. In early 2004, Russian consumers are met with a new line of DVD players — LIKO. Players new to the series guarantee the most complete to date, support MPEG-4 standard.

At the end of 2004 — the beginning of 2005 BBK Electronics plans to produce plasma and LCD TVs. The issue of TV — it is the desire of the company to present to the consumer the full range of entertainment that can give a Home Theater.

in Addition, BBK Electronics intends to develop the Russian market of telephony. The first step in this direction will be the release of the wired phones that BBK Electronics intends to introduce in Russia this year. In the Russian communications Ministry has already obtained all the necessary certificates.

Philosophy BBK.

We offer You modern and stylish technique from professionals in their field.

We give You the greatest possible freedom in the use of digital audio/video technologies.

Our products — it is a technique for entertainment.

Our goal — the availability of new technologies for each person.

Feel like a connoisseur with IHC.

article Summary: the Corporation BBK Electronics Corp., Ltd was founded in China in 1995. The main office is located in the South of the country, in the province of Guangdong. Today BBK Electronics ranked first in the production terminology, define this standard, what is the description of how to understand the standard, where to find the difference, which is better, BBK, bbk, BBK Electronics CORP., LTD bbk

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