Testing home theaters


Testing home theater BBK DK1450, Xoro HSD 6040, Xoro HSD 6020, Akai DV-R4070, BBK DK1110Sl, LG LH-T3530X

currently, the most convenient means of stationary play music are DVD stereos and home theaters. Home theaters give and multichannel capability, and the ability to connect to a TV and view the list of songs. On DVD it is convenient to store music, in there you can put all your favorite records, even if a lot of them.

Overview home theater Akai DV-R4070

Testing home theaters

Home theater Akai DV-R4070 in addition to the standard functions of DVD/Mpeg4 player has in its housing a built-in amplifier for passive speakers. For satellites maximum power is 15 watts per channel, subwoofer 30 watts. Besides DVD discs monoblock plays Mpeg4 (DivX, XviD). The picture quality of the player is good, there are S-video interface for better signal. An interesting feature of the two line inputs so you can use your player as an amplifier and connect it for example to the computer. However the sound is only stereo. Quality line-in average, the same as in most of the muses. centers. At high frequencies there is a marked decline that can be heard when connecting high-quality source to the line input. But if, for example, connect a cassette deck, the sound will be quite pleasant. In the amplifier regulator is built high and low frequencies, which improves the perception of music and audio DVD. Regulator not digital as Xoro, and analog and it works not only when playing Mp3 and DVD, and while playing any source: radio, line-in, CD. Pretty nice sounds radio, the sound quality of the player Akai liked more than the Xoro, probably due to the regulation of voice. But noise receiver collects more than Xoro for the same length of cable, so it would be more correct position the antenna. The player is an old firmware, previously used in Xoro, when playing Mpeg4 top of the screen runs counter time since the beginning of the film, which is not disabled. When playing Mp3, you cannot change the track by pressing the Next button, as the majority of modern players, including Xoro. To start the next song can only selecting it with the mouse pointer and clicking Enter. When it starts the next song, the cursor remains in place and if you press Enter you will be able to listen to first. It turns out the music is extremely uncomfortable on this player.

Testing home theaters

On the rear panel see the connectors for the six speakers, 2 line input, a standard set of outputs, a microphone Jack, and contacts for AM/FM antenna.

Testing home theaters

Testing home theatersincluded, as well as other theaters, is 5 satellites and a subwoofer. By the way a very good sub. Its maximum power of 30 watts, it’s not so much even for subs from home theaters. It has a 5.25 speaker″ (diameter of the cutout for the speaker 13 cm). In size it is quite compact and less Xoro made it happen. The main advantage over other sabiani — sound. He gives growling bass at half the power than a larger subwoofer Xoro. With a gentle breath of wind at the output of the inverter, he calmly speaks a room of medium size. To achieve the same effect Xoro had to cut almost full. Even if you compare it with a huge and more powerful sabom Xoro, the sound is more pleasant. An interesting feature is that the subwoofer sounds almost anywhere in the room, except the wrong places. Its volume (or sound pressure) associated with the design feature of the placement of the speaker on the side wall of the housing and subsequent resonance with the output of the inverter. Legs at Saba plastic, which is convenient for installation on the floor, dimensions, as already mentioned is quite compact. In this kit you can choose from three levels of power subwoofer. Why they are not in the same place in the menu and it would not linked to each other. In standard mode, if you do not enable extra modes of the gain of the subwoofer, it is almost inaudible and the overall sound is almost not affected. Recommend to set it to medium or maximum power.

Event. Exactly the same satellites can be seen in the cinemas Hyundai, Shivaki. Namatra to their very compact size and plastic case weight speakers are quite good for their size. This suggests that the speaker has a fairly powerful magnet system and means the speaker is quite powerful. Indeed, the speaker is capable of quite loudly «yell» without any significant distortion. The sound quality, as expected from such a small speaker is pretty mediocre. Even prominent leaders cannot be observed, nor mention any low frequencies. Actually the speaker is capable loud to play it, what he wanted to do. You can definitely argue that native speakers it is better to replace.

Home theater Xoro HSD 6040

Testing home theaters

Good piece with a gorgeous set of speakers and a huge subwoofer. For your money you can say the best choice in terms of acoustic quality/price. The cost of this kit at the end of summer 2008 3900 rubles Agree very inexpensive for such speakers! The front speakers have a bass reflex port for better bass response. Even the speaker has two bass-reflex. Rear speakers are fully closed and the back has a mount on the wall. An interesting feature of RF emitters used in this set is that the band played their frequencies are somewhat limited and the sound of high frequencies sound like two-way computer speakers Sven 611. where high frequency is limited by the frequency somewhere in GC. Here, similarly, the lower range of RF frequencies earn freely, and the upper HF range is a bit short. But if they are to be connected to a good amp then this disadvantage becomes almost invisible. Now let us dwell.

Monoblock Xoro HSD 6040 has a pretty powerful amplifer circuit. The fronts and the rears have a power amplifier 30 watts per channel, the Central channel 50 watt, 80 watt subwoofer. The power of his amplifier can be felt even on the lowest volume. When activated, barely audible noise built-in fan installed to cool amplifying elements. Already at the minimum volume, the sound is quiet difficult to call. In the evening and at night it can be annoying. By the way the younger model HSD 6020 devoid of this shortcoming and sounds noticeably quieter. Especially loud sounds subwoofer and rumble to resolve failed, even at the lowest volume of the bass is noticeable fluctuation of air. Via the menu to disable the subwoofer also failed, so it can be safely called a defect, the defect or the fault of the monoblock and therefore do not represent as it is possible to properly use this model. The sound felt a distinct lack of high frequencies, at first I erred on acoustics, but when you connect to more qualitative revealed that limited in-band high-frequency amplifier. But when watching DVD or Mpeg4 movie sound seems completely normal, especially with the DVD. There of course has a digital equalizer operating on the audio track, DVD and Mp3, but the digital equalizer will never replace analog, and this is especially noticeable when you turn on the radio. It turns out that radio plays without any correction of the voice and therefore the quality of play can be called mediocre. Similarly, when the Mp3 playback is very noticeable lack of high frequencies, and from the use of the digital equalizer sound only spoils, the high frequencies are not getting better, soon become sipilawini and nasty and is especially noticeable lack of crystal and clear high frequencies. In this respect, there’s nothing like BBK, where they are a clear leader in terms of sound quality and DVD to Mp3.

the Most interesting feature of this extraordinary and unfinished Chinese device is playing Mp4 movies with 5 channel surround sound. The player understands computer AC3 format. I notice the vast majority of DVD players do not reproduce the full 5 channel sound in Mp4 files. Even the BBK is no such thing. In this regard, the Chinese we are very pleased. You can download from the grid film 1,34 MB and watch it on TV as a regular DVD. Either as a video or sound quality difference you feel. It is safe to say that this is quite a unique feature.

the Subwoofer .

I was Pleasantly surprised and subwoofer from this unusual kit. The subwoofer is capable of producing very low bass. 30 Hz for him is not the limit. In this he freely ahead of the column S90. that bass sounded much better and deeper than many modern expensive subwoofers. It is surprising that this cheap Chinese sub is easily made S90. The subwoofer produces such frequencies that are not able to issue sub no less formidable BBK kits. The Sony. The Samsung. Sven in the end. They certainly buzzing no less worthy and presented with their lush bass, but none of the subwoofer from the home theater will not give you such low frequencies. Even sold separately subwoofers sometimes have a slightly different sound. The only things I would like to warn, not probite on the maximum volume of this set. Despite its impressive size and power reserve sub itself monoblock seems to be a very dangerous thing. Already 20 % of the power amplifier home theater subwoofer is hopping. The air in the bass blows out of the cleaner. What is the maximum power it is hard to imagine. We think it will fly or amplifier or subwoofer. Give voice to the last, because the speaker reproducing very low frequencies are very sensitive to overloads. I advise you not to test the subwoofer strength, because it sounds too good to mock him. And in addition I want to mention about the quality of the bass output of the monoblock. The LF amplifier channel this kit will easily shake any connected subwoofer. The signal obtained at the output of the broadband, so will be expressed. It is not just one selected frequency to own subwoofer, as is done in many home theater systems. The amplifier of this model generates the entire spectrum of low frequencies, without any frequency restrictions. Therefore, the monoblock will get the most out of any connected subwoofer. Want to test the real quality of the subwoofer. Then connect it to this block.

Testing home theatersthe figure On the right presents the same set of acoustic Xoro HXS 535, only active with built-in amplifier. It can connect to any 5 channel devices, be it a DVD player or the output of the sound card of the computer. The power output of the system is derived from the power of five columns: front and center at 25 watts each, rear 20 watts each and the subwoofer is 55 watts. The frequency range is 100 Hz to 20 kHz satellites and 35 Hz — 180 Hz for the subwoofer. Satellite system with magnetically-shielded speakers are closed in MDF Cabinet that prevents resonance and makes the sound «warm» tone. The subwoofer is encased in a low resonance enclosure, which is mounted multi-channel amplifier equipped with 5.1 linear inputs (RCA). To adjust sound settings you can use the supplied remote control. In addition to good speakers, buyers Xoro HXS 535 also get a built-in radio tuner, receiver, FM/AM. By the way identical satellites were detected in the active set of acoustic 5.1 UNITY U5-200, the description of which is here .

Home theater Xoro HSD 6020

Testing home theaters

Photo taken from the official website Xoro and it is not quite true. Subwoofer and satellite quite other than those which are depicted in the figure, and it’s for the best. They are also much larger. The monoblock player completely identical to the previous model, Xoro 6040. only applied inside a less powerful chip amplification, resulting in the best way at minimal ranges of loudness. The power amplifier 20 watts x 5 and 40 watt subwoofer. It is in this model monoblock most balanced sound and normally adjustable power subwoofer. The menu functions and management it is completely identical to the previous model, Xoro 6040 .

Briefly again describe the main advantages and disadvantages.

Multi-format. I have never met such a player, who would understand all formats of digital files. Even » omnivorous » players BBK understand much less formats than this. Pay special attention to the main feature of these models — the sound 5.1 in movies Mpeg4/DivX. None DVD player this function, I have never met. And this is at the cost of 2560 rubles for the entire theater with speakers. Versatility. It takes all the currently existing media. CD/DVD disks, flash memory, SD/MS. Good power amp — to articulate the room is big enough for it not a problem, provided the replacement speakers for more powerful. As you know those kosonocky that included just not seriously, and the amplifier is more powerful acoustics. Well, low price, as mentioned 2560 rubles (in those days, when the dollar was worth ru).

Cons. Low sound quality, fairly weak speakers and the fact that the apparatus unfinished neither technically nor in that. as for the firmware. When you install some DVD discs in the tray mechanism begins to buzz (this problem occurs in both models), do not work some of the menu functions, the volume of the subwoofer works with glitches (in this model, all good, but the older brother, there is exactly the problem). But. Of his money it costs. You need to take it with all its advantages and disadvantages. He fully justifies its price. And what more do you want for the money. All the same advantages he has more, much more.

Testing home theatersRegular acoustics. Satelite Xoro 6020 very similar to Akai-ones coming. Size, weight, speaker diameter — all virtually identical. The speakers have a good supply of power, judging by the weight of the column. Because kolonka plastic main weight falls on the magnetic system dynamics, and it is very heavy for its size, therefore quite powerful. But low frequencies such speaker certainly does not sound as bad he plays high frequency, being in itself a kind of mid-range high power. It was designed to do. Of course native speakers better at this kit to replace. These speakers are more suitable for listening to the lectures in the bathroom.

Subwoofer. Pretty decent size, and weight nothing. But the bass it does not. At high power, when the air walking in the phase inverter as in a vacuum cleaner, then he slightly felt. And in other cases not. Here was an obvious savings or a bad speaker or illiterate designed enclosure subwoofer. Conclusion — in the trash.

Sound. As already stated, the sound player parsely, the high frequencies are greatly reduced. Maximum sensations where the 8-10kHz. Very poorly. Music and radio listening unpleasant. But some scientific type transmission BBC in Mpeg4 format look great. Very nice transmitted voice, deep, little roaring. Those programs, where the main role falls on the voice and not the music, look very good. I liked the tract subwoofer. It Xoro passes to the subwoofer very low frequencies without clipping and without weakening the bottom, as it was noticed by many. Naturally when replacing regular Saba normal. And the bass plays better and deeper than the more expensive BBK. not to mention other manufacturers.

Home theater BBK DK1450 Sl

Testing home theaters

a Real monster sound. Home theater BBK DK1450 Sl is considered as the best among the quality features of the monoblock, and the sound quality and speakers. As the front speakers in a home theater system BBK DK1450 Sl are quite powerful two-way speaker system BBK with a 6.5″ LF speaker and 1.5″ high frequency tweeter, exactly the same as 730 music center BBK. The center and rears modest LF — 4″ RF- 0,5″. Even the rear speakers BBK DK1450 Sl have rear reflex that allows them, if desired, be used separately. A nice feature of the monoblock BBK DK1450 Sl is non-digital tone control bass and treble adjustable by separate buttons on the remote. I.e. regulation of timbre applies not only to digital audio with audio tracks DVD and Mp3, but also on any analog sources — radio and line-in. At the maximum position of the RF even the radio works quite well, not to mention the sound of Mp3.

Main technical characteristics BBK DK1450 Sl:

the Maximum power the front speakers 50 watts.

the Maximum capacity of the Central and rear speakers 40 watts.

the Maximum power of the subwoofer 80W.

FM/AM tuner with 30 preset stations.

the monoblock BBK DK1450 Sl has standard specifications and do not differ from those modifications. Has a standard one line input, extended FM band (AM, too, there are very good indicators of output, good amplification path and a quality receiver with good bandwidth. We can point out very good firmware. The player displays file names in Russian, a very convenient file player, pressing the back and forward buttons, you can move from one track to another without including the TV and not through the menu. As a disadvantage might be the lack of USB port and a slot for an SD card that already exist from other manufacturers. From the inconveniences you notice the non-standard connectors for speakers. It uses its own format for the connection. The more connectors similar to the connectors connecting the telephone wires, rather than on an acoustic. And wire supplied is quite short and replace them unfortunately no longer possible.

Testing home theatersAcoustics. a Claimed power output of the amplifier BBK DK1450 Sl 50W speakers and 80 on the subwoofer. As the front are two-way powered speakers with a 6.5″ LF speaker and 1.5″ high frequency tweeter. Back naturally has a port covered by a lattice of spam hitting any objects. The columns have an average weight for his size due to the heavy wooden body (DSP), but the weight of the WOOFER is not felt in the column. Apparently the magnetic system is not so massive and as a consequence the restriction of the dynamics of power. But the sound column is capable of producing not a wimpy bass and has some headroom, no wonder the same acoustics is used in the music center BBK 730. Rear speakers and the center does not represent anything special, except that even they have a rear port that allows them to use the multi. Tweeter in them is very small, the visible area is somewhere around 1 see but nevertheless high frequency he gives one hundred. The size of the WOOFER/midrange speaker in the center column and the different satellites. In the Central column of the midrange/WOOFER is very small — 3 «. Considering the fact that the power distribution center channel occupies the second position after the front speakers, use speakers less than rear speakers seems to us unreasonable. And the size of the Central column some stripped-down, if you compare it with any similar kits. The subwoofer is implemented similar models of the same class. 6.5 inch WOOFER is located on the bottom of the subwoofer, and the subwoofer is held on high legs. And that is very bad speaker are not protected. The size and type speaker is exactly the same as in cheaper models. The phase inverter is gated front. Sounding subwoofer I didn’t like how it doesn’t move around the room to achieve a thick bass was not possible. The wind was blowing from the bass and bass and was not. We can conclude that the subwoofer is extremely inefficient, whether due to a bad speaker, whether due to poor housing and subwoofer. For example, you can say that sub from the cheaper model with the exact same speaker but at the side gave more bass than this.

the figure below presents speakers from different acoustic sets. On the left is the front column from a set of DVD Xoro 6040. the right column is from a very popular computer speakers Sven 611, and the right rear column kit from BBK DK1450 Sl. All presents speakers have a rear port and the size of the WOOFER 4 «. And despite this they all have different sound. The most pleasant sounds of course Sven 611. great sound column gives BBK. The most interesting thing that this rear charges able to play kick-ass bass, which is quite unusual for a BBK. Against the background of the column Xoro sounds rather dull. It gives good bass, but less deep than for example from BBK. Its main drawback in poor-quality reproduction of high frequencies. No clarity, no own leaders. Rather, something closer to high-frequency hiss. The sound of high frequencies resembles the sound of the domestic three-way speakers Romance 25 ° C-121. As you can see all kinds of common and modern acoustics.

Testing home theaters

now, let us compare Central channel speakers sets DVD Xoro 6040 and BBK DK1450 Sl. As already mentioned the Central channel at BBK some stripped-down. The column size is quite compact and used it less dynamics of standard sizes. Why did we don’t know. But overall it sounds pretty good, although she was only assigned to play in the main dialogs. If you use them for listening to music, the sound Xoro we didn’t like. No normal top nor full bass, which is associated with not very good the front of the inverter. In particular rear speakers with bass reflex bass plays much better. But let’s not forget the cost of the set Xoro .

Testing home theaters

Home theater BBK DK2810HD

Testing home theaters Testing home theaters

Advanced model home theater with the ability to connect to the HDTV channel HDMI. Click on the picture to the right you can watch cinema together in acoustics. Characteristics of the cinema is similar to the previous models, and the main difference is the presence of a USB port that was long overdue to be done.

technical specifications:

Home theater BBK DK2810HD completed acoustics wall mount — these sausages which hides two 2.5″ midrange speaker and high-frequency. The most enjoyable moment of this sausage is the presence of high-frequency dynamics. I want to note about the sound quality tweeters from BBK. This acoustics good job with the transfer medium and high frequencies, low frequencies are unfortunately small speakers do not play. He comes to the aid of the subwoofer. As for sound quality included with acoustics, the acoustics are quite quiet. After connecting incomplete native speakers sounds very quiet. And the point here is not the resistance of the speakers, but the speakers and structural features of the speakers. But adding volume you can achieve the desired effect — normal capacity when watching the movie. Generally, with regard to acoustics in this kit, you can say — native acoustics should be replaced, preferably whole, together with a subwoofer. Home theater BBK DK2810HD really will sound and will show all his might.

Home theater BBK DK1110Sl

Very good model BBK for a little money, if you don’t count the regular acoustics, which is recommended to be replaced. One of the advantages in addition to the previously described model can be noted a large mirror display with large digits which can be seen from afar, a pretty good subwoofer for an entry level model, and as always I want to emphasize high quality sound with BBK adjustable high and low frequencies.


the Maximum capacity of the front, rear and center speakers 20 watts.

the Maximum power of the subwoofer 40W

FM/AM tuner with 30 preset stations.

the Presence of a linear input.

Like the previous model, BBK DK1110Sl is not able to play Mpeg4 files with 5.1 channel sound. When conducting tests on sound quality when connected to the same speakers on this model, it was observed a lower quality playback of high and low frequencies than the BBK DK1450Sl. Especially it is noticeable at high frequencies, they are a bit softer and a little cut. This can be explained by the presence of a digital controller frequency, and not analog, as in the previous model. As you know digital tone control really does not add to or lower treble, and slightly modifies the stream of digital audio, creating the impression gain treble or bass frequencies. Accordingly, it does not affect analog sources, such as radio or line input. This point should be considered when selecting a model.

Home theater BBK DK1540Sl

Testing home theaters

the Further continuation of the line home theater BBK. Note the continuation and not development, soK. nothing new in it except for the USB connector. which is a nice addition this device. Technical specifications and features are exactly the same as the model BBK DK1110Sl. It seems that electronics, including digital equalizer and sound exactly the same.


the Maximum capacity of the front, rear and center speakers 20 watts.

the Presence of a linear input.

the Acoustics are pretty » marginal «. but the size of the speakers more than the previous and most other models. Acoustics is used closed, the diameter of the speaker 5 «. Nice made subwoofer. The speaker is located in the front and vented back. This arrangement of the speakers is the most effective in terms of bass response. Therefore, the subwoofer should sound pretty good, although knowing how BBK makes subwoofers to renounce will not. Speaker connections are made at the terminals. Equalizer likely digital, as in the previous model. So radio is likely to remain without EQ.

Home theater LG LH-T3530X

Testing home theaters

Interesting movies with a powerful amplifier (300W total), and a USB input with the ability to record on a flash drive. Acoustics plastic, weak. There is no separate adjustment of high and low frequencies, but there presetting.

the sound of the subwoofer in the vast majority of models LG lousy, unlike subwoofers DK Samsung. the bass is not really felt.

Home cinema LG XH-T3029S

Testing home theaters

the Elder brother of the previous model, but do not have fundamental differences. The main advantage in outdoor acoustics front, including such small speakers like the previous model, only a lot of them and some other subwoofer. There is also a USB.

generally speaking, the sound of cinema LG good. Quite exactly the voice, but in the high and low frequencies in both models the problem, due to the lack of adjustment in the monoblock and rather primitive sound systems. This particular model doesn’t sound so squeaky, like LG LH-T3530X, because a large number of small speakers create a more even frequency response and a little better reproduce the bass (if you could call it bass), due to the greater volume of the body.

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