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Company BBK Electronics opens the pilot project — online video

the Company BBK Electronics has developed and launched a pilot project — online video It allows you to search the Internet for free streaming video, convert it to the desired format and then upload to your MP4 flash player for later viewing and storage.

«For the last time category flash player has undergone significant changes. If earlier they were designed for listening to music, today — this is a real video support MPEG-4, with display of up to 3 inches and can display 16 million colors — commented Mikhail Krundyshev. Head of Representative office BBK Electronics Corp. LTD. in Russia, the CIS and Baltic States. — But still full MP4 flash player was limited due to the lack of diverse and affordable video content. Therefore, buying a multifunctional device, the consumer, essentially, used it only half full. Our project is aimed at solving this problem. We give this tool holders MP4 flash player, which makes available free streaming video from the Internet is almost unlimited. So if the user wants to watch the latest movie or show it to your friends — no need to assemble a computer, you scroll on the screen of the player».

In the Internet there are a large number of streaming video — scene videos, music videos, sports videos, videoplay and much more. Last year was a whole phenomenon — «videosharing» (video sharing): Amateur video share different videos. And that «library» rapidly replenished daily several thousand new products.

video Search using the service happens on most popular websites, the user has access to millions of videos posted in the global network. Any visitor can go to and download their favourite video. Moreover, the system automatically converts video files to Xvid format for viewing on the player.

video Search on the vast world wide web helps the system API Google. In the search bar on you can give as a direct link to the video and set the keyword search — and in English, and in Russian languages. Found the videos, you can either preview or directly with one click to start the conversion process. If a visitor wants to download to your MP4 flash player more videos, enough to reduce the resolution of the converted video is only available three levels of compression.

the Pilot project provides support for all MP4 flash player series «V», manufactured by BBK Electronics. These devices are equipped with high-quality color screens, along with traditional audio formats MP3, WMA and WAV, reproduce and MPEG-4 videos in Xvid format. Players are fully adapted for the Russian market and have a memory capacity from 1 up to 8 GB.

All subsequent model series «V», some of which will appear later this year, will also support the new functionality.

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