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scan rate:

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refresh rate

Support TV frequency vertical scan of 100 Hz or 200 Hz.

In most TV models used scan with a frequency of 50 Hz (every second frame is updated 50 times). On TVs with interlaced 100 Hz the image on the screen is reproduced with the doubled frequency. At the frequency of the flickering screen TVs with cathode ray tube (CRT) is practically not recorded by human vision, and the image on the screen is perceived much better.

In LCD and plasma TVs refresh rate 100 Hz allows to get rid of effects «torn» movement and blur that occurs when a fast moving object on the screen (for example, when flying football or tennis ball). The technology works as follows: the analysis of two consecutive frames using a special algorithm, then create an additional frame which is inserted between the two original. As a result, the number of frames is increased twice, which gives a more smooth and realistic motion.

refresh rate 200 Hz in LCD TVs can be obtained in different ways. The first method is used by companies such as Sony and Samsung and works on the same principle as the refresh rate of 100 Hz. The only difference is that between the two original frames inserted not one, but three more, which gives the movement more smooth.

Another way to get the frequency of 200 Hz — technology Scanning Backlight. When using this technology to create only one additional frame, as in the TV with a frequency of 100 Hz, and the effect of 200 Hz is achieved through shimmering with high frequency lighting (flickering lights helps to get rid of the blur). It should be noted that this method of obtaining 200 Hz is slightly inferior to the previous one.

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