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I/DEX (Vitaly Harmash) is a musician and an audio-designer from an industrial city of Novopolotsk, Belarus. From the mid 90s Vitaly was experimenting making his own music, using analogue synthesizers, radio, guitars, field recordings, various devices and computers.

The life in a city with a huge industrial estate has influenced the art of Vitaly.

I/DEX music hypnoses and fascinates listeners by its warm structures. His music is a subtle intellectual electronics filled with sunny melodies and micro-glitches, which dissolve in pure ambient landscapes of nature — in forests, fields and lakes.

scape rec.), H.H.T.P. Kriipis Tulo, Guy Van Belle and took part in several European festivals of electronic music. Hand by hand with his concerts, Vitaly continued recording his art experiments and recorded a very deep and a serious album Layers .

Layers is an outstanding collection of inner feelings, transmitted by an audio-artist with its music. Each element here is a multi-layered synthesis of intellectual art — micro-electronic, idm and deep ambient. Each of 9 tracks is an insight into a world of surrealism and fantasy with their mysterious flora and fauna. When listening to this album-exposition, you will see your own images and landscapes. This is how your own world will be mirrored in this music.

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