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Environmental responsibility Fujitsu Siemens Computers

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If the DNA molecule was a color, we would be green

Fujitsu Siemens Computers, which last fall launched the first environmentally safe SCALEO computer-based technology, Green PC, has become the first provider of it solutions, offering a full range of environmentally safe products for data centers, offices, home and mobile users. All of our products, from the dynamic data center to the PRIMERGY servers, professional notebooks LIFEBOOK and ESPRIMO professional PC, built on the basis of environmentally sound technologies. Creating different solutions using environmentally friendly technologies, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has actively pursued its commitment to compliance with environmental responsibility.

the Emergence of environmentally friendly consumer PC mass category will be another important event in the history of our company, which has always cared about the environment. Almost 20 years ago, in 1988, we began to receive and process used by the it equipment in our plant in Paderborn in Germany. Four years later, we have developed the first set of internal rules of environmentally responsible product design, and by 1993 we have developed and launched the first environmentally friendly PC PCD-4LsI, which was followed by many other innovative developments.

today, Fujitsu Siemens Computers continues to uphold its tradition of environmental responsibility. We are constantly striving to best to balance economic aspects with aspects of environmental protection and take into account these environmental requirements at all stages of design and production of our products and all our business processes. A good example of our vision and approach to work can become our slogan «We make sure»that emphasizes a sense of responsibility that characterize the work of Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

the Locomotive environmentally responsible business

If the attention to the issues of environmental protection and the sense of responsibility was the basis of our achievements in the field of ecology 20 years ago, today these ideals more important than ever for our business. The rapid growth of electricity prices and public attention to environmental issues contribute to the growth of demand for environmentally responsible it products and solutions. If you consider that the it equipment in the world accounts for 2% of emissions of carbon dioxide, i.e. the same as for all air travel, the growing need for environmentally friendly computers is obvious .

the energy Consumption of data centers is growing rapidly and has reached a level where this growth simply cannot be ignored. Energy costs have become an important part of the total operating expenses of the company. It is very important that the company has implemented effective measures to improve energy efficiency of data centers.

the protection of the environment becomes an important factor when making decisions about the purchase of it equipment. One recent study showed that over the last two years, approximately 50% of consumers prefer the product that is environmentally safe packaging, components, etc.

These changes in market trends provided by Fujitsu Siemens Computers additional opportunity to increase sales by expanding its range of environmentally friendly products. Today, our strategic focus and our strategy is based on the fact that environmental responsibility allows to obtain the same business benefits, as the optimization of production activities. As increased attention to issues of environmental protection, growing demand for environmentally responsible products. The success of our environmentally friendly PC based on the fact that we were able to predict a high demand of the business community on environmentally safe products. The share of environmentally friendly PC today accounts for about 75% of all sold by us professional PC.

an Integrated approach

Environmentally friendly approach in Fujitsu Siemens Computers includes not only the creation of environmentally safe products. Environmental responsibility also covers services and processes that reduce the harmful effects of products on the environment. It is much more than simple compliance with minimum legal requirements. We are ahead and have always exceeded the minimum basic requirements of environmental safety. We think about the development of our business with regard to improving the quality of life on the planet, taking into account environmental issues in all aspects, from the global concepts of environmentally friendly energy-saving infrastructures dynamic data centers to mobile solutions, reducing the need for travel, and services that improve the environmental security of it operations by reducing their complexity and optimization of processes.

this is why we apply a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility and remember her at all stages of the lifecycle of our products. With this strategic approach, the protection of the environment are carefully considered at all stages from design, production and use to recycling after use. This approach avoids a purely formal activity and takes into account the environmental impact of our work and our products.

the Design and selection of vendors

environmental safety must be considered at all stages. That is why the standards of environmental protection are integrated into the development process of the Fujitsu Siemens Computers already at the stage of product characterization and are included in all specifications of the products. We attach to this issue of great importance, and this is underlined by the fact that one of the areas of innovation fully dedicated to the design and production of environmentally friendly products. We call this approach: let’s Save the planet by using environmentally friendly it products.

In the development of all products, Fujitsu Siemens Computers apply the internal rules of the Design and development of environmentally safe products. Rules of environmental protection FSC03230 cover a range of aspects of environmental security and primarily focused on waste reduction, energy minimization and reduction in use of hazardous substances.

To our business partners also comply with these environmental standards, rules FSC03230 included in all of the General agreement on procurement with suppliers Fujitsu Siemens Computers. As development continues regularly checks compliance with key suppliers standards established by the General agreements on procurement. With the release of new product lines, the analysis of their utilization and related costs. The resulting analysis information is used in production planning products.


Our policy on the use of chemicals and our commitment to renounce the use of hazardous and potentially hazardous substances in our products and production processes are also recorded in the rules of FSC03230.

Our rules strictly prohibit the use of substances the use of which is prohibited or restricted by law and harm to human health and the environment scientifically proven. With respect to potentially harmful substances we adhere to the principles of precaution. Even if all the data on the dangers of chemicals have not been identified, Fujitsu Siemens Computers avoids its use and replaces it with a harmless substance. Rules FSC030230 constantly updated to reflect changes to the list of prohibited substances and substances which should be avoided.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is committed to completely abandon the use of polyvinylchloride (PVC) and bromodomain flame retardants. We do not use PVC in buildings or mechanical elements of our products and use them only in cases where there are no alternative solutions. However, in the long term, we aim to completely abandon the use of PVC, and we work with our suppliers and partners to find alternative materials. Brominated flame retardants are not used in cabinets and molded plastic components weighing more than 25 grams, which exceeds the requirements of the EU Directive on the limitation of dangerous substances. We have reduced the content of chlorine and bromine in printed circuit boards our environmentally safe products from 12% to less than 0.15% and is currently working closely with our suppliers to completely abandon the use of Halogens and switch to alternative materials.

Production and logistics

Fujitsu Siemens Computers fully adheres to the global strategy for ecologically safe production, in particular, at our factory in Augsburg and Commerce in Germany.

Here we have achieved significant savings in energy and materials through the implementation of special programs for energy management and environmental protection. Plants in Augsburg and Commerce comply with the environmental standard ISO 14001. Every year we invest heavily in the introduction of these plants energy-saving technologies and the efficient use of raw materials, energy and water during production, for example of the integration technologies of waste treatment systems in the production line.

Numerous measures taken since the beginning of 1990-ies, has allowed us to reduce twice the cost of electricity consumption for production of PC in Augsburg, and the total energy consumption of the plant over the same period was reduced by 60%, resulting in an overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions at 8600 tons.

Some of our current processes to reduce energy consumption include innovative methods of waste heat recovery, energy-saving lamps and motion detectors, the cooling system of concrete structures, optimally adjusted air compressors and air conditioning system with a circulating heat exchangers, as well as modern system of building control.


the Ability of Fujitsu Siemens Computers in a timely and cost-effective transport components, materials and finished products at our plants in Germany and send them with our plants plays an important role for the success of our business. However, complex logistics processes inevitably have a negative impact on the environment.

We constantly strive to improve and optimize the quality of the outbound and inbound logistics flows to reduce the harmful effects on the environment. For example, we encourage our suppliers to use the minimum amount of packaging materials and use of marine transportation. For us, these two factors are the most important criteria for supplier selection. To reduce the harmful effects of outbound logistics flows on the environment, we strive to reduce the amount of packaging materials, use large packaging wholesale supplies and even send supplies directly to customers, in order to reduce the distance of transportation. Of course, it also allows us to reduce costs, and this is a good example of how environmental responsibility is good for business.

the Use of the products and electricity

Energy efficiency is one of the most important elements of environmental protection, and, unfortunately, the greatest impact on the environment affects the phase of use of our products. Rising energy costs and climate change, caused by increased carbon dioxide emissions, making energy efficiency a critical element of environmental programs in the information technology industry. According to the latest statistics, approximately every dollar spent on computer hardware, accounting for 50 cents, which will be spent on electricity. In the next four years this figure will increase by 54% .

energy-Efficient products

Since the release of the world’s first environmentally friendly PC in 1993, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a leader in the professional development of energy efficient products. We use enterprise-wide strategy to determine the power requirements and energy efficiency at all stages of the development process. This strategy is described in our rules FSC03230.

These rules also make compulsory procurement of energy-efficient components. For example, the use of high performance Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 technology Fujitsu Siemens Computers has allowed us to reduce the energy consumption level professional PC and laptop by 50% over the last year.

with the growing importance of energy efficiency, which has become even more relevant after the adoption in the spring of 2008 the EU Directive on energy-saving products, we are leaders in energy efficiency. Currently we support the infrastructure for implementation of this strategy for PCs, laptops and computer displays. We have demonstrated a commitment to energy efficiency in November 2006 at the Symposium of the club of Rome in Helsinki. In addition, we organized an internal group on energy efficiency with the aim of finding innovative means to reduce energy consumption, such as intelligent power management systems. We have achieved great success. Intelligent power management features implemented in our software DeskView Energy, intended for desktop management of corporate clients. They allow to reduce the power consumption of the network by 15% due to the active use of power management settings.

Our success in developing energy-efficient products embodied in our products series ESPRIMO presented in 2005. By may 2007, our system ESPRIMO E5615, EPA met the standards of the Energy Star 4.0 and had the power source efficiency 80% and energy savings of 25% compared to other systems. System ESPRIMO E5925/5720 and ESPRIMO P5925/5720 now also certified as compliant with Energy Star 4.0. Additional energy savings are achieved due to the pulse power connector monitor Fujitsu Siemens Computers, which reduces the power consumption of the display by 10%. This means that when the acquisition system ESPRIMO E series with pulse power connector monitor organization with 100 computers can save 3380 euros over three years and to prevent the release of 14 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Our professional series laptops also optimized for power saving. Increase the battery life of the laptop for many years been a priority, and when the solution of this problem was also solved the problem of reducing energy consumption. All professional LIFEBOOK laptops there is a button EcoButton which automatically increases the battery life by disabling the main components of the system and decrease the brightness of the display. System LIFEBOOK C1410 and LIFEBOOK S7110 — the first and only laptops that have received the Nordic Swan certificate confirming their low power consumption. Moreover, the system LIFEBOOK P7230 and LIFEBOOK Q certified as compliant with Energy Star 4.0.

as another example of our new system PRIMERGY TX 120, which is the most energy-efficient server in the world. Server PRIMERGY TX 120 consumes 40% less power than other standard floor servers. Its maximum operating capacity of 163 watts. In the near future we plan to exceed these figures. In addition, this server has 33% less harmful impact on the environment and takes up 25% less space compared to other single-processor servers. In addition, with advanced technologies such as cooling is achieved 50% reduction in noise level

Displays also consume energy, and must be considered in all programs on energy saving. Fujitsu Siemens Computers has completely rejected CRT monitors in 2006. Modern display technology TFT consume only a small fraction of the electricity that was required for the older models, typically less than 1 watt in standby mode and not more than 32 watts in operating mode. This allows you to save to 4.44 euros per year on the monitor. The amount looks small, but when it is necessary to consider how many monitors today use organization. All displays SCENICVIEW and SCALEOVIEW Fujitsu Siemens Computers is certified as compliant with Energy Star 4.0 tier 2 (except for models with a diagonal of 24 inches), and our LCD displays are certified according to the standards TCO’03. Our LCD monitors premium and enterprise-class also comply with the standards established by the certificate Blue Angel.

the Approach to the organization of modern data centers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a leader in implementing energy-saving technologies in data centers. For example, the cost of electricity consumed by the server, the price of 2000 Euro, amount to € 350 per year. With the reduction of energy resources and increasing energy prices, energy costs in data centers may eventually exceed the cost of purchasing servers themselves. Therefore, we adopted the strategy of data centers, it consists of three stages and sets itself the following tasks:

1. Reducing energy consumption

• Reduce energy consumption of processors and card input/output through the optimization of circuits and manufacturing technology

• improved performance per watt

• Increase efficiency server power supplies

2. Optimization of the infrastructure of data centers

• Optimization of cooling concepts

• Modernization of infrastructure of power

• the Recovery of energy in data centers

3. Efficient use of resources

• Full use of the available computing power by consolidating the resources on a smaller number of high-performance systems

• the efficiency of it systems with virtualization technology

• Flexible power management with dynamic it solutions

• Active search for an optimal balance between energy costs and server performance

Within this global strategy, we are actively fulfilling a number of tactical tasks to reduce energy consumption at the level of the data center. They include the improvement of semiconductor technologies and manufacturing processes.

optimizing the use of existing equipment and infrastructure of data centers as a key element of our approach to reducing energy consumption. For optimal use of the computing power we use virtual machines. When using virtual machines electricity is used with 100% efficiency. Also implemented the system to automatically disconnect the equipment in combination with a decrease in the clock frequency of the processor and bandwidth, disk I/o, stabilization of the power consumption and size reduction of the cooling infrastructure and energy data center.

the Last element of our approach to reducing energy consumption is the efficient use of resources. This element includes the restoration of electricity used in the data center, which otherwise would have been lost. We encourage the use of heat from the data center to heat the office and conversion losses of heat into electricity. We are also actively limit server power consumption, agreeing to a forced loss of performance.

in Addition to this approach consisting of three phases, we have also adopted a strategy of dynamic data centers. The goal of our approach is to reduce energy costs by transforming static datacenters into dynamic. We achieve this goal through a variety of methods, including through the creation of pools of computers and storage resources, more efficient use of electricity by means of blade servers and virtualization and integrating it governance for a more rapid response to demands on server resources.

the temperature Control is another important aspect of power management in data centers, it is known that the heating components fail faster than others. Fujitsu Siemens Computers has solved this problem in the server PRIMERGY RX300 S3 with Tehnologiya cooling Cool-safe™ through which it is possible to reduce the temperature of ten degrees Celsius. This system allows to stabilize the performance and double the lifetime of the server.

Services: assistance in the transition to environmentally friendly information centres and offices

Our it services full cycle helps organizations to manage it operations and move to environmentally friendly it infrastructure. Professional it services help organizations to align it infrastructure in line with business objectives and ensure the most effective use of it infrastructure. Effective management can reduce the excessive complexity of information systems and improve their efficiency, for example, by means of optimal control systems during periods of low load. Our services also help to reduce energy consumption at the office level by controlling the turning off unnecessary systems and reduction of paper documents. All our services are geared towards the benefit of the environment and the company.

Remarketing, recycling, and recovery

Fujitsu Siemens Computers supports the principle of individual producer responsibility. Our company is responsible for their products after the end of their service life. Although we understand that even the most active producers cannot meet the needs of stakeholders around the world economically, logistics and environmentally appropriate way, we strive as widely as possible to cooperate with other enterprises for such tasks.

we already have a lot of experience reuse, recycling and recovery of electrical and electronic equipment. Everything begins at the design stage, where our rules of design and development FSC03230 guarantee the suitability of our products for repair, upgrading, reuse, disassembly and recycling. Annual reports of our recycling centre in Paderborn emphasize the success of our concept .


the Remarketing and recycling of products from Fujitsu Siemens Computers are held at the plant in Paderborn (Germany) in 1988, when the plant first opened as a warehouse of used equipment company Nixdorf Computer AG.

Today the disassembly of used equipment using modern methods involved in 65 of our employees. The centre mainly have to deal with servers, PCs and peripherals, as well as with a variety of equipment, such as automatic cash registers. The plant processes approximately 8,000 tons of used equipment in the year. This plant is about 20% of the equipment Fujitsu Siemens Computers is reused from the rest of the equipment 98% restored and only 2% is utilized. The processes used at the plant in Paderborn, provide a significant fulfillment of the requirements of the Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)7, which allows for the disposal of up to 25%.

Other markets (not using the WEEE Directive)

In markets where not affected by the WEEE Directive, which establishes requirements for manufacturers for the collection, recycling and recovery equipment in Europe, Fujitsu Siemens Computers voluntarily adopt measures for the collection and recycling of their products for the purposes of environmental protection. Our parent company Fujitsu is responsible for sales in other regions outside Europe, Middle East and Africa, where she conducts its own program for the return and recycling of products.

«Green» future

Fujitsu Siemens Computers for 20 years, is concerned about the environment and will take care of it and continue. Although our motivation for conducting environmentally responsible business remains the same, we believe that we will be able to play a more important role in promoting responsible business decisions among other enterprises and consumers of our products.

So we recently publicly offered 8 largest 350 companies in the UK to reduce energy costs, operating costs and physical size by 40%. We have pledged to donate to charity 10 thousand pounds for each data center, where we will not be able to reduce costs by 40%.

We see that the adoption of environmentally responsible solutions should be simple. With the right information, consumers and organizations will make the right choice. We continue to care about the environment and therefore consider it our duty to promote environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible.

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