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Fujitsu Siemens behind

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market Share diminished, the profit is still very modest — Fujitsu Siemens Computers is experiencing is not the easiest time. However, the head of the FSC Bernd Bischoff believes that the shareholders of a computer manufacturer will not abandon the joint venture. The possibility of selling the company Bernd Bischoff not even considering, hoping that the beginning of the second half of the financial year will be more successful.

appeared On the market information that Siemens wants to relinquish its stake in Fujitsu Siemens. The fact that the head of Siemens, Peter loscher has announced the new structure of the group. Siemens will now consist of three departments — health, energy and infrastructure. Thus, the FSC does not fit into this system. Another reason for the rumors is the fact that the term of the cooperation agreement between one of the leading German companies and the Japanese electronics manufacturer expires in 2009. The head of the FSC, however, relies on the extension of the contract.

«I haven’t heard about the intention Fujitsu Siemens or to leave the company», — said the head of the FSC Bernd Bischoff. He is full of optimism: «Fujitsu Siemens will exist in ten years.

FSC delivers products to Europe, Middle East and Africa. These markets provide currently few opportunities to increase sales. In Western Europe there is stiff price competition in Asia actively marketed products Japanese Fujitsu.

On the European market FSC sold from July through September, less computers than for the same period last year. Its four main competitors, by contrast, has managed to increase sales.

In this regard, according to research firm Gartner, the market share of FSC decreased by 1%, to 5.1%. Market leader Hewlett-Packard company increased its market share from 17.4%to 20%. In addition, FSC significantly less profitable than other major computer manufacturers, such as Dell or HP. For the first half of the current financial year, i.e. from April to September, the turnover FSC amounted to 3 billion euros and a profit before tax of 14 million euros. Chapter FSC promised that his company during the second half of the current fiscal year will improve market position. «October was a success, and November is going well too,» said Mr. Bischoff.

FSC puts on the environment, and to ensure that its computers consume less energy and causing less harm to the environment than the competitors ‘ products. While convincing success in this company was not achieved. «We are a green company, but we are not considered»says technical Director FSC Joseph Reger. Although the company has been committed to sustainability for a long time. So, in 1993, went on sale the so-called Green PC. The example of the Germans, followed by other concerns. Hewlett-Packard and IBM now also actively concerned about the environment, and they have much more opportunities than the FSC, as in the area of development, and marketing.

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