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a short introduction

page tells the story of an epic replacement cooler for laptop Fujitsu Siemens model Esprimo Mobile U9200, which went out of the factory prop. Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 — it’s a great laptop with long as language policy list of virtues, but with an equally great disadvantage — the lack of components. Make sure this helped me weeks of fruitless searching cooler on the Internet shops and sites of service centers. Than I replaced the factory cooler Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 and than you can replace the cooler on your Fujitsu Siemens. if you find yourself in a similar situation described in this manuscript.

Start replacement laptop cooler

Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200

Read, please, the article till the end — replacement cooler, described in this article, is not a simple shot / put. Here describes how to paddypower allowed to replace failed factory cooler laptop Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200, new, slightly smaller, and not quite appropriate.

To AK I wrote in the background on the main page, nothing suitable and similar to native (original factory) cooler I didn’t find that with no problems (took / put) to replace their broken home cooler. Everywhere I wrote, in whatever service centers Fujitsu-Siemens didn’t always answer the same — this device is not available. What was most upset is the end of the response from the service centers: «the cooler on Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 not available, not under an order and have already won!» And thus he answered anywhere: Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev and other large «» Russia and Ukraine. Of course, one cannot completely exclude such factors as the threshold of patience, which, frankly, in such matters, I have a very low. Killing in search of the ill-fated cooler for a month (the guys from the service centers are responsible in the mail very reluctantly, and I have to stay without a properly working computer and all the good things that he gives), I stopped this device (photo), which is 350 UAH Kiev :

N who — good old home cooler Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200, which is out of order (sorry for the quality — photographed on the calculator):

Below you can see the latest photos on figure

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applicant the same raspingly (three wire), the same voltage, the maximum difference in power — it’s all of the matches. As for mismatches, that is, first, the size — a regular cooler 5.5 cm, and this, when measuring in the same position — exactly 5 (measure Manager service C. at my request); secondly, the factory cooler — the iron, and this — made of plastic, but it is, for non-standard installation, plus rather than a minus; thirdly, different propeller — laposte in the opposite direction (this is also irrelevant).

now, of these disadvantages, the main one is the size (diameter) of the new cooler — it is smaller from the factory at 0.5 cm And this is a very important detail, because laposte this cooler will not be able to remove the air from the entire cell, where it will be installed, nezostava 2.5 mm to the place where the revolve edges of the vanes of the factory cooler in the wall. If regular updates cooler (begrebet) all the air, rotating the chamber wall cooling system, a smaller cooler will be missed up to this point, thereby creating small levels blasts of whirling area with an unupgraded air. To calculate what will be the consequences, I would hardly be able, therefore, the cooler I ordered, installed (on the intricacies of the installation below) and only then learned that the losses are insignificant — the CPU test utility CST ( CPU Stress Test ) v 0.18b at an absolute loading, was heated to 83 degrees (the temperature of the fixed Core Temp-Ohm 1.0RC3), whereas the factory cooler, once, in the days of his selfless service for the benefit of, allowed the CPU to warm up to a slightly lesser 79 degrees in the same conditions.

Thus, the technical losses from replacing the cooler was chetyrehrazovoe increasing the temperature of the CPU at maximum load, stress test-utility). But if there is no output, what for me, these 4 degrees for the enhancement of the temperature. Especially — at maximum load, which I never happen, if only I, out of curiosity, do not include the stress tool. I think you will agree with me — it means nothing (but the price is 350 USD for Chinese device slightly surprised). And furthermore all of it means nothing if you already had unsuccessfully to look cooler on it is pretty uncommon piece, whose name Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200, and which is growing every day desire, because of this frustration was about to throw.

the details of replacement of the factory cooler other

H button to replace failed factory cooler laptop Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 the cooler, as shown in the pictures, have a bit of trouble because it doesn’t suit. We will need a couple of materials (old cover CD-ROM, to be exact — her bottom, that black color, soldering iron, a couple of pieces of tin and rosin, tape or tube shrinking), a couple nepotroshenyh (epoxy glue, small business techno knife on paper with break-away ends of the exhaust blades), and a few dull hours of messing around and a few hours the same expectations, until dry epoxy. Unfortunately, I am writing this after only a few months after doing this — was screwed to the laptop cooler. So the idea — to illustrate the whole procedure for replacing the cooler photos — I didn’t come and I Chatkal only the end of the process — made and installed the cooler. Here’s how it looks after installation:

On the cooler, which I sent Kiev service center (on the first pic of them — so as the photo from their website) white sticker, but I went with yellow. It is of no consequence. And more — until I twisted / turned cooler in his hands, holding on to the wire, it turned out that one of the transactions has fallen away from the card cooler and I first of all had to lengthen it a bit, then drilled open top plastic platformone the cooler to get to the circuit Board and solder the broken wire, which is clearly seen on the pictures (there are two red wires, because the yellow was lengthened in red). Don’t repeat my mistake. Although, as Confucius said — an error that cannot be corrected. Posting something I soldered ;)

s the process of the so-called repair was as follows: he took the lower part of the old box from the CD-ROM, of which one side is black (lower)and second (upper) — transparent. The attention. instead of a box from disk can take anything important — so that anything was quite thin, flexible, durable and not worth the money. The upper part of the box is transparent, so a funny thing, but it is very fragile, and the lower part is made of a more elastic material, so take it. Take a new cooler, which was going to replace the old defective cooler, flip up the propeller to not interfere, and put it on the bottom of the black plastic part of the box for a disk (hereinafter — plastmassa). Sketch the circle cooler (ears on the cooler it is better to cut at once, that it was convenient to describe. At the end of the whole procedure they will still have to cut to get paste the cooler made plastmassa substrate / podium). Then roughly giving to drink approximately marked by a round piece plastmassa not to cut all this long and tedious business techno knife. Diesem received the circle until it is perfect to the cooler, which by that time should be cut off ears fastening, now, doresain plastmassa to all without ears cooler well / were tight in all the dents on the plastmassku. Then, as you will be more convenient to do this, cut resulting in plastmassa the hole so that it, by slow and painful podgoreni, later it was possible to make the podium for the new cooler. Slowly and painfully pushed substrate / podium under uneven place on the cooling system. Cut or drilled in her holes small samoletiki, to which was attached an old cooler. When the substrate is ready, put it aside. Take the old cooler and perepisivaem with him a slot on the new cooler. The colors of the wires are identical, this means that the red wire from the cut from an old cooler connector pripisivaem to the red wire of the new cooler, yellow — yellow; black — to the black. Glue the top of the substrate epoxides resin, ispizua if necessary, an adhesive tape (not like a good Scotch Scotch, and natural cheap Scotch, which glue anything ;) ). Set the cooler in its place, plug connector, collect the laptop. All. Praise yourself for skilled hands.

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