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Fujitsu-Siemens POCKET LOOX N560

date of writing: June 2007

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PDAs || monoblock || 116x71x14 mm| 160 g || Li-Ion 1200 mA*h

  • DISPLAY: 3.5 » TFT, 65K, 640×480
  • PROCESSOR: Intel XScale PXA 270 624 MHz processor
  • MEMORY: 64 MB ROM (available 51 MB), 128 MB RAM (80 MB available) / slot for SD/MMC/SDIO (hot swap flash cards)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Mobile 5.0 (AKU 2.2) support Java MIDP 2.0 software set: basic program, OS, and Voice Recorder (dictaphone), GPS Locator (GPS settings), FSC Speed Menu (extra quick menu), FSC Mobile ZIP (ZIP-archives)
  • WEB: Internet Explorer (HTML)
  • COMMUNICATION: system connector (sync, charging), 3.5mm wired headset, infrared, Bluetooth 1.2, Wi-Fi 802.11g
  • MESSAGING: e-mail client (POP3/SMTP/IMAP4)
  • AUDIO FEATURES: MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, ASF, M4F, AMR, WMA / recorder (fragments is not limited in duration)
  • FEATURES: media player Windows Media Player / sync with MS Exchange Server
  • CONTROL: 4 navigation buttons (retargetable) and the 5-way key, 2 hard buttons (off, notes)
  • EXTRAS: setonaikai interfaces (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and missed events
  • PACKAGE contents: mono, USB cablePop-port charger adapter to the old (fat) charger, CD with drivers and software

Any story about pocket computers today, it is necessary to precede a sad commentary. Not to mention the fact that the traditional PDA fading is simply impossible. The market is developing and the place, which until recently was given a PDA today faster and faster take communicators. However, it is not surprising, handheld computers, and to this day remain the best in its class «all in one» (all in one). Don’t believe?

a Hero of our test drive, the handheld from Fujitsu Siemens, is the best illustration of the fact.

Before we move on to testing, you need to stay on the company and the division of the lineup. So it will be easier to understand what is the conversation and what to choose.

I’m Sure many at the mention of the brand Siemens can help to frown. In memory immediately come to mobile phones of the same brand. I remember their questions, complaints of users. Logically, you can come to a disappointing conclusion. The mobile division of Siemens sold, which means that the company is not too well with the development of these devices. And so the handhelds this brand is not terribly good quality. And here lies a major mistake. brand Fujitsu Siemens, first of all, has nothing to do with Siemens. secondly, the company Siemens, despite the failures in the mobile business, is not bad electronics manufacturer.

But we are primarily interested in the brand Fujitsu Siemens (hereinafter referred to — FS). Handheld computers, this brand is quite rightly are loved all over the world. And not so much for the build quality (by the way, all the handhelds FS collects Taiwanese HTC), and for excellent functionality and feature set.

Model number FS consists of two series — C and N. In the series includes PDA without the GPS module. Accordingly, in the N-series includes models with GPS module. The differences between the two lines in the rest of nominal, even the design of both series are identical, down to the location of all the keys.

Our choice fell on the most powerful, productive and functional model of PDA available in the assets of the FS — POCKET LOOX N560.

According to the idea of the company, the handheld FS N560 is intended for motorists. Built-in SiRFStar III chip and the GPS antenna, as well as a complete set for mounting in the car speak for themselves. But this range of capabilities of the device is not limited.


Divide users into groups, as is done in the use of mobile phones, it is impossible. In the end, the user of the PDA can be a person from any group.

Let us imagine the following scene. Thematic forum visitor Peter creates the theme of «What would you advise?».

In the theme of Peter writes:

«hi, tell me something! I need a phone to play games, watch your videos, listen to music (I want to use it with headphones favorite), to go on the Internet, and I also love to read books. Thanks for the tips!»

what do you think, how many phone models will fit Petina requests? So to answer him start also. Look at the sample answers:

AlexeyGoncharov: guy, you don’t fit the phone better take the smartphone. For example, the Nokia N73 is just for these purposes. But in General, keep your current phone and buy an iPod.

Vaysa_man: best buy a simple phone separately and PlayStation Portable (PSP). The screen is cool, cool games, and music to listen convenient!

Ter-Avakyan: I would advise you to pay attention to the communicators. For example, HTC P4350 or Glofiish X500 . For movies and music — the most it. And X500 with navigation!

_Pypkin_: Peter, take note and do not suffer, everything should be there, just call fails.

Note, how many combinations can be. And, really, multimedia phone here is not the best choice. The music on it to listen, of course, possible, but with video games out shaped bummer. We assume that it is still understood and decided to pay attention to a separate device for mobile multimedia.

You want to play games. Smartphones and communicators fall away. The first is too small screen, and the latter often thin and will not all games. Options less and less: or one of the portable consoles, or PDA. In consoles, the game is bright and colorful, but they are few. Take the same PSP — to find her a good strategy or impossible quest, such games for this console is not there. What about PDA? The only disadvantage of the game for them is not the best graphics. Management you can customize yourself, but the number of games Windows Mobile platform will give odds to any device or OS, in addition to the «big» Windows.

to listen to music, you can also stop the choice on PSP or smartphone device. But in the PSP memory expansion will cost a pretty penny (special card format are still very expensive). Well, most smartphones and communicators do not have high quality of sound, and their manufacturers like to use your own connectors for headphones. In this regard, PDA again democratic: 3.5mm plug and the most common format cards SD/MMC. Note that the sound quality in the palm really good, here a parallel can be drawn with the leaders of smartphonemate — Nokia N91 and SE W950i.

Add here a great quality display for reading books and the ability to extend the functionality of the device is not one dozen of programs which are now available for Windows Mobile a few hundred thousand.

Oh and don’t forget about the capabilities of satellite navigation — other things being equal this is another argument for PDA.

So who is a potential user of the PDA? It’s simple — this is the person who wants to buy in addition to the phone instead of a pair of glands (for PSP game player, for example) one multifunctional device. And, of course, it’s the drivers or just those people who can’t imagine life without portable Navigator. If you still don’t believe us, then we go to you! not to be unfounded, let’s start with FS N560.


to Talk about «design» pocket computers are not always correct. It is important to understand that the design of any handheld device based on the screen size. Whether members of the design group manufacturer at least three geniuses — bypass factor display area cannot. Because all PDAs are quite similar and differ only in the type of plastic, number of buttons, and more or less rounded corners. In this sense, the FS should be classified as «simple» devices. Any liberties: grey color scheme, simple hull form and the complete absence of rounded shapes.

article Summary: a Detailed overview of PDA Fujitsu Siemens POCKET LOOX N560. fujitsu siemens

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