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Laptop repair Fujitsu-Siemens, Moscow


Our service center produces a full range of obsluzhivaniya APPLE devices (iPod, iPhone, iMac, Mac-mini, etc)

Our service center at the lowest prices and in the shortest possible time produces a full range of services on repair of Apple (iPhone, iPod, iMac, Mac-mini, etc):

For repair and cost, please contact us at the following phone number:

(495) 979-06-25

If the laptop has got liquid

If Your laptop was flooded, has been exposed to rain or it ’tried to fill» Your pet, you should not rely on «maybe you’re lucky, will cost» or to think that he will continue also great to work as before! When popupdelay fluid in the laptop you need to immediately disconnect it from the mains and remove the battery (the battery), then take the nearest service center where Your assistant will make prevention.

Why you should not repair the laptop at home?

At home to help Your laptop will be extremely difficult. Dry it with a hair dryer or put it on the battery is not the best option as you can do worse.

If you suddenly overcome by the desire to disassemble the laptop, not having this experience, you can damage the circuits, connectors, and worst of all, the motherboard itself.

Referring to the service, You will save time and money on repairs.

Why is it so terrible liquid for a laptop?

let’s Start with the simple. Ordinary water is an excellent conductor of electrical current, and when released it on some nodes of the motherboard or the chip (BGA, qfBGA, SMD), creates a short circuit (short circuit).

the average Degree of gravity,is the salt water She creates corrosion on the leads of the chips and thus it is not excluded that the legs of the chip otkrivaut and the corrosion on the Board. Such cases happen when the laptop has been in sea water, etc.

More serious cases — when it is poured out tea, coffee, beer, etc. When such damage occurs not only corrosion, ethnische legs of the circuits and elements, but damage and destruction bespereboynik holes (piperidone holes — this is when one side of the card contact passes through the layers and appears on the other side of the Board or under the chip BGA, qfBGA). This contact is quite difficult to find without a good optical equipment or circuitry. All this is due to the contained composition spills . Example below.

What steps will be made in the service center?

a Thorough inspection of the hull, keyboard, touchpad and media buttons.


the Inspection of the motherboard on liquids. If the fluid is all the same hit, cleaning with special solutions. (The company makes use of liquids from such manufacturers as CARMOLIN, Chemtronics, etc.)

After washing, the fee is dried on special equipment( in this case, use a thermos tol np32-34)

After all this, the wizard examines the cost on ethnische elements, if any, and verifies that the power supply circuit for short circuit. Below briefly shows an example of the supply nodes of the laptop.

6) If a short circuit is not detected, the card connects to the diagnostic stand and checked at the start, after start failover is checked by oscilloscope generation in quartz and quartz resonators, also looks a reading from the BIOS chip. If everything is fine, connects the monitor and is thoroughly tested.

7) But, if KS is, by using special equipment we find the short circuit.

» raised chip on the damaged area, changing them into new or similar and repeatable item No. 6.

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