Plasma television Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 — on design


Plasma television Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 — on design

the Idea that the TV must select the eyes, has at least a double meaning. On the one hand, we are talking about image quality, but on the other, the appearance also plays a big role

design and Construction

If you are looking for a truly stylish plasma TV — Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 just what you need. Let’s start with the fact that he stands out among their dark brethren fundamentally colour screen is framed by a narrow frame of unpainted aluminum. Speakers in favor of the style was hidden on the back wall. The power button and other controls on the TV if you have not read the manual, you can search for a long time. But in the end, and the power button, and other buttons can be found thanks to the power meter, which is like the eye slyly peeping from underneath the bottom right corner. On the front or side connected areas of speech, of course, can not go to position them simply could not, therefore, all the connections were focused on the back wall.

TV Stand Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 the style: it is made in the form of a segment of aluminum profile advanced T-shaped. In short, this device is just the epitome of style and originality. This is especially nice when the shelves of stores and shops filled with black glossy clones, to distinguish that from each other without detailed consideration is not so simple. On the background of this black fraternity MYRICA PQ50-1 looks very original and stylish.


remote control will give odds to many stylish devices — he just looks exclusively. Why should only aluminum profile top cover is a masterpiece of non-ferrous metallurgy, and only. But the buttons are already not metal, and most common, is simply styled with metal. Such panels are often guilty of unsuccessful centre of gravity — usually it is in the part remote from the main working areas. In this case, the balancing is just perfect.

the Original solution has a push-button joystick. more precisely, the original is the fact that around the navigation control buttons radially there are four buttons. To use this remote is a pleasure. The remote buttons are pressed very clearly and distinctly. To produce such a thing from the hands of don’t want to. Remote, in addition, yet universal, so you can not part with it and manage it using other devices.

Main menu Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 has a classic look, a nice design and is in an enviable ease. A total of four sections, each of which is the required minimum settings, advanced settings hidden deep into the menu, but they are also a little — only the most necessary. The distribution of functions under sections very logical and clear. Menu Russified, but, unfortunately, rather complicates management, which helps him because the names of some of the settings have been translated into English language correctly. For example, the section responsible for the settings screen has a strange name «Show»instead of «PiP» we see «Fashion PiP».

In the audio menu there is an item called «Entering Flat». This phrase is adequate decoding of the name has not. If not for the unfortunate mistakes of Russification, the menu could be a very high estimate. Management is really very simple and convenient.


the Nature of the image at Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 very peculiar. The picture is very soft, the color is restrained, with any content is very solid and together. Some grainy image is present, but the sense of wholeness is not lost even upon close examination. The brightness in the factory default setting is low, and moreover, the range of adjustment ends almost immediately after reaching a comfortable value, and when the slider above 60% for complex light scenes begin the fill.

Contrast Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 you can safely bring to a value of 100%, with no discomfort when viewing will not occur. The picture has acceptable contrast in the range of 60-100%, and the feeling level adjustment could be even more. Clarity I would describe as average. It is impossible to say that the small details are not presented on the screen, but they look a little blurry, incomplete. The nature of the image such that the image is served, without focusing on the details. Tsvetnoi

th TV reasonable, color rendering on many unnatural scenes, there is a gradient fill. Attempts to add a picture paints only aggravate the situation. Adjust the hue and color temperature noticeably color the image on the screen. Chromaticity is clearly not the strongest side MYRICA PQ50-1. regardless of the quality of the content.

Processing image noise and geometric distortion was one of the strengths of the device. The image of any resolution to perfectly blend into the matrix size, any distortion or artifacts was not in sight. When working with the material affected by low-quality MPEG compression, all defects and noises were removed, as if they never happened. In my opinion, these high-quality algorithms for image processing and provided the tangible wholeness and unity of the image.

And yet, if we talk about the picture Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 in General, it did not make a positive impression. Because of some problems with color reproduction. Actually, this fact can not be upset, because the other parameters of the image are at a good level, and several aspects of image openly encouraging. But MYRICA PQ50-1 in the sleeve turned out to be another trump card: on Board are two TV tuner, and was discovered a rich variety of modes PiP (picture in picture). If many TVs have the ability to reproduce signals from two different sources, you can view two channels at the same time is an option that deserves special respect.


Sound built-in speakers Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 made me one lasting Association — the sound of the old Soviet TV. Against the old Soviet equipment, I personally have nothing against, just sound standards since then little has changed. Now, as in the good old days, speakers TV play only mid frequencies, and as an additional effect was present rattles and resonances of the chassis. A wide range of settings in the menu did not help when trying to form an adequate stereo image or to extend the frequency range. The only thing that may be suitable given the acoustics, the sound broadcasting programmes on small and medium volume, and then when watching TV is not the main activity. In short, the presence of a variety of audio outputs and the use of external speakers to this TV is not a luxury but a vital necessity.


Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 there is only one connected Playground. It is located in a niche on the back wall, and, accordingly, the connectors are connected from the bottom. This allows for wall mounting, place it as close as possible to the wall.

a Set of connectors Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1 small, but have everything you need. Video taken on one HDMI and one DVI-I interfaces, as well as two connectors of type SCART. one component, one composite and one S-Video inputs. Like a few, but the audio was enough. There are analog inputs and outputs connectors RCA. entrance PC Audio — based connector mini-jack 3.5. the subwoofer output, digital coaxial input and output built-in amplifier. Also the TV has two antenna inputs and one output, allowing the use of one antenna feeding the same signal on both tuners using a special patch cord.

the End

I liked the design Fujitsu Siemens MYRICA PQ50-1, a very simple and convenient operation, good video processor, two TV tuner. The advantages can also be attributed playback broadcasting signal, excellent performance work systems noise reduction and image optimization, pleasant, functional remote control. This Russification menu is inexcusable for equipment of this level bloopers, the image has a serious problem with the color, and the sound does not stand up to scrutiny. To view broadcast television TV, of course, good, but for high-quality home theater it would be better to look for a more suitable model of plasma.

article Summary: the Idea that the TV must select the eyes, has at least dual TV fujitsu siemens

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