Sample pocket PC Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100


Sample pocket PC Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100

At first glance, Fujitsu Siemens N100 is not like PDA: there are no function keys on the front side, the screen seems suspiciously small, and the hull form is somewhat peculiar. The device resembles an expensive player with video playback than anything else. And only noticing the markings Pocket LOOX, you can understand that N100 — it’s still a pocket computer. However, not quite normal. Windows Mobile 5.0 is installed, and functionality is limited to several applications: GPS navigation, MP3 player, a couple of games and even smaller utilities like a clock. Why is it called N100 pocket PC — a mystery. Most likely because the device simply does not have its place in the generally accepted classification of mobile devices. In General, we are interested in all of this and asked N100 on hand for further proceedings.

Main technical specifications of Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100

  • Processor: Samsung 300 MHz
  • Memory: RAM 64 MB
  • GPS: SiRFstarIII
  • Display: touchscreen, 2.8-inch with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA), 64 thousand shades of color
  • Navigation: NAVIGON MobileNavigator (9 cards, 37 countries)
  • Battery: lithium ion 1100 mA*h
  • dimensions — 68 x 89 x 16 mm
  • Weight — 110 g
  • Estimated price — 300 Euro

Its appearance N100 obliged newfangled trends of integration of the GPS modules in all kinds of mobile devices and the gradual habituation of the people in Europe and the United States to the driving solely on the navigation system. Proof of this theory is the fact that most modern vehicles are normally equipped with on-Board computer with GPS-module. For those who are on a new car is not yet saved, or just loves Hiking long distances, manufacturers of handheld computers for about two or three years ago, rolled out to the market a whole range of new devices, the hallmark of which was the presence of the GPS module. So there was a lot of PDA with navigation function. But only Fujitsu Siemens guessed to release under its brand GPS Navigator no PDA functions, but very similar to it in appearance. That is to hang the device in the car and there is not more to carry. Or take extremely rare. Great idea, isn’t it?

the Idea seemed to be really great — after some time after the release of N100 was issued a modification N110, characterized by the presence of internal permanent memory 2 GB. At this step, the manufacturer, most likely, went for one simple reason — the device does not support flash miniSD cards larger than one Gigabyte. And one Gigabyte — it is too small by modern standards, especially if we consider N100, not only as a Navigator, but also as a MP3 player.

packing list in such a small device enviably rich. And, most importantly, is all that is needed for immediate installation N100 in car charger that operates from a cigarette lighter and holder, suction to the windshield. All this is complemented by card miniSD 1 GB, USB cable, AC adapter, earphones, removable panels of different colors and disks with software and instructions. Out of all this diversity, however, to our office, we only cables, so to talk about the contents of disks and reliability commit N100 in car cradle we can’t. We always hope that in this respect the Fujitsu Siemens without punctures.


Sample pocket PC Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100

the Most unusual design course — the location of the stylus on the bottom and not on top of the device. To get it, when you hold N100 vertically, uncomfortable — scared to drop. But in the horizontal orientation (the picture can be rotated in the settings), on the contrary, the stylus is in a convenient location. In fact, it seems that it is in horizontal mode, the manufacturer recommends the use of N100. This hints to the location of the interface connector and a headphone output — both on the left side. Between them there were two status LEDs. On the right side — the power button and sliding the lock switch. Compartment for miniSD card is on top. On the rear panel issued a connector to connect an external GPS receiver. Below it there is a battery compartment.

Sample pocket PC Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100

the Frame around the display is made removable — and this is what we meant when he spoke of removable panels. In our case it is black, but also available red, grey, white and simulating carbon fiber (carbon fiber).

Operating system inside N100 — it’s still Windows, though not quite the usual — CE 5.0 Core Edition. In Windows Vista Navigator is defined as normal «stick», which already contains two folders: one — for music, and the other — to store cards. No synchronization systems or to be installed on the N100 other programs not provided. This Navigator — «the thing in itself», the device is ready to work «out of the box».

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