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Vsevolod Karamyshev, Fujitsu Siemens Computers: towards a managed service


Vsevolod Karamyshev, Fujitsu Siemens Computers: towards a managed service

Vsevolod Karamyshev, service Director in Russia and CIS Fujitsu Siemens Computers

there’s lots of talk about improving the management of it assets on transition to different service models. This is what the concept of a managed service. How to go to this kind of model, and its prospects we talked with Vsevolod Karamysheva, service Director in Russia and CIS Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Intelligent Enterprise: Service division Fujitsu Siemens Computers is now experiencing a deep correction patterns on a global scale. Why is this and what is the essence of these changes?

Vsevolod Karamyshev: More than two years ago manual Siemens decided on the restructuring of various assets, including service division of Siemens Business Services Product Related Service (SBS PRS). Once this company was a classical system integrator with their service. As a result of reorganization SBS PRS in all countries, including in Russia, was bought by Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

in Addition to organizational changes at Fujitsu Siemens Computers service business has grown significantly. For example, we have been providing uninterrupted operation vysokokritichnyh services contracts which provided large penalties for failure to perform obligations under the SLA. Such obligations, in particular, acted in support of a smart grid company ’Mobile TeleSystems»where even one minute of inactivity lead to serious damage.

After the process is complete purchases in all countries at the end of 2007 headquarters Fujitsu Siemens Computers began to form a new service strategy. It is built around the concept of Managed Services. And in some countries such as the UK and Germany, now work related programs. Russia is also expected to run. Although in Russia were services like managed services, the question arises as to convey their essence to the customer. Even adequate translation of the concept of Managed Services yet.

What are in your opinion the main ideas of this approach?

Traditional services are always discrete. There is equipment at the customer, and there is a time limit of inactivity. Ideally, the customer did not know what was going on with his system, as it happens on a clustering solution, where in the event of a hardware or software failure, power moved from the primary node to the backup and the app continues to work.

Now the client does not want simply to buy equipment, for example, 5000 printers from different manufacturers, spare parts and consumables. He needs some function, you need to bring one million copies per month, and that each sheet was not cost more than fifty cents. We offer a service called Printer Lifecycle Solution. The holder of the contract for providing this service buys printers, puts them on their own balance sheets and hires contractors organization that provides discrete services. Needs someone to manage it, create a financial plan, to work out the logistics of spare parts and consumables, modernization and disposal of equipment. In the end, the customer is not headache about equipment, and printed copies it receives. And only pay for copies and for nothing more. Otherwise, the service is only partial. There is a similar service Desktop Lifecycle Solution for jobs, stationary or mobile. Here you need to specify the maximum time for which the consumer will receive a new tool to replace the broken ones. Or how many jobs you must be in a constant state of readiness. For example, it is necessary that 95% of PC and laptop was in working condition, and the remaining 5% can be in the maintenance cycle. The contractor must have the exchange Fund to support this number and ensure the repairs on their own or with other contractors.

There is a similar service Managed Datacenter to Datacenter. Such a scheme we already works: formally DPC belongs to us, as customers, as it was before, use of machine time. The contract clearly stipulates the maximum allowed their simple applications. And these product categories the list of Managed Services is not limited.

When it comes to projects of such a scale that you expect — to increase own resources or to build an authentication scheme other companies?

Under the performance of this type of services will be to develop and modernize the authorization scheme partners. Our resources we will also increase, but only to the extent that they are necessary to perform the role of the contract holder. We must be the authors of the concept of service that we offer. But to inflate technicians makes no sense. If the service is taken Park heterogeneous technology, there may be equipment of another vendor. Of course, we’re not going to get his authorization that would have to do, whether we have our own maintenance Department. We will find a partner who is already working with him.

To work with managed services, in principle, better suited integrator. Although if the client suddenly will need to arrange 2,000 jobs at the plant, for example, in Krasnoyarsk, it will do the job and the company, which is well-repair PC and laptops, and is not engaged in round-the-clock service server.

That is, in each case, a service is a managed service designed separately, no standard package, no?

the developer of the program to the individual client, unlike contracts for discrete service, which are written according to the template may not work on the stencil. The result is the same product for different clients will have different content. Although this does not affect all services.

Take the example pompinara rate. Everything here is absolutely transparent: the price of a copy should always be the same. The task of the developer program service will only be to determine out whether the client’s requirements for a standard or conventional. However, today it is almost impossible to achieve a single price per sheet across the country. Unfortunately, the economic efficiency of such services in the country has not been calculated. And the mass market for this category of services in Russia yet, there are only three or four clients. And without a mass of statistics to calculate the Economics of this service cannot. Although three years later about this, surely we can talk.

How to ensure the quality of a managed service? Especially when it is provided by different companies.

For this you need to get inside the mechanism and see what exactly is specific integrated service that also needs to be split into discrete parts. Each of these parts has signed a subcontract agreement, attached to the main contract. And if something is not done quickly, there must be some reserve, need to know exactly how many hours or days required to resolve the problem.

to Control the process of locating, processing and closing applications customers helps us Helpdesk, accessible to all clients. This app can integrate with client-side controls that prevents divergence in quantitative indicators and related conflicts. We have centralized at the level of headquarters accounting system partners under warranty. It shows all the data: when the client requested when ordered parts, who repaired, what are the results of the diagnostics, etc. If the corporate client, the application is closed based on the signed report of completed works. And it happens on every warranty case, otherwise the partner just isn’t transferred the payment.

Frequently the companies expressed claims for late delivery of parts, because of what the repair is delayed for months. The result is of the opinion that if in the European part of Russia is still possible to use the equipment of the foreign vendor, the Urals no service simply does not exist.

our parts are always delivered centrally from a warehouse in Germany. Of course, an absolute guarantee availability of all spare parts on it to give to nobody. But if the desired item is at the Central warehouse, in Russia it will be delivered through the day. Terms of customs clearance in our conditions are usually within five days, and in the case of rapid clearance and two. In the end, parts delivery usually takes about ten days. Of course, there are remote regions with complex transport scheme, but in this case it is necessary to calculate all possible situations. If it so happened that at the Central warehouse of spare parts is absent for twenty days, we will replace the equipment of the customer, making appropriate charges to the factory.

In turn, the regional service of the company is constantly criticized vendors, because they reduce the financing, as a result, it is simply not profitable to develop this area.

Our partners have been agreed and contracts service tariffs, so that the reduction in funding not to speak. Yes, and we have cases of refusals to authorize prospective partners. Mostly this happens when starting this business, they don’t understand all the upcoming challenges.

of Course, if the products are sold to keep the reputation and provide sales, then you need including support service at a certain level. But marketing can be redistributed, resulting in a situation arises that two months customer service is all three. And the partner still have to keep and warehouse with spare parts, and specialists when such loading will surely lead to losses. And then our partners go, although we have warned. But it happens, especially in the regions: a single large project gone to his head, and after that sales will plummet. And the service is also reflected.

General demand for managed services real? At least those three that were listed?

Now only a market of services in this category. For example, the demand for managed data center we see us for this service apply. Clients ripen, they need to do. Especially against the background of lack of capacity Data centers in the same Moscow.

Popular Desktop Lifecycle Solution, and for example not far to seek. For half a block from our office is factory British American Tobacсo, where one of the Russian integrators implements a very similar scheme. Similarly with the retailer MediaMarkt. They also serve one of the leading domestic companies. But the threshold recoupment of such projects is quite large, about two thousand jobs.

of Course, there are difficulties, for example, caused by the inertia of thinking. In addition, the data center requires a little less effort to manage contractors. But is it worth to take five thousand printers fifteen manufacturers and administer them is a big question. I’m not ready to say that this service will be in demand, the future will tell.

article Summary: there’s lots of talk about improving the management of it assets on transition to different service models. This is what the concept of a managed service. How to go to this kind of model, and its prospects we talked with Vsevolod Now a lot of talk about improving the management of it assets on transition to different service models. This is what the concept of a managed service. How to go to this kind of model, and its prospects we talked with Vsevolod fujitsu siemens

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