Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier


Straightener with ceramic plates

Maximum Shine and protection of Your hair

product Features

High Shine due to the ceramic plates with jojoba oil

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

To give hair maximum Shine in ceramic plates added natural and resistant to high temperatures jojoba oil. Plates glide smoothly through the hair, giving them a dazzling Shine

Extra care using ionization system for smooth and shiny hair

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

Instant hair care thanks to the ionization. Negative ions help to avoid static electricity and improve the overall condition of the hair, and it also helps to close the hair scales, giving the hair Shine and luster. In the hair straight, smooth and silky.

Caring and efficient straightening with constant temperature

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

This rectifier maintains a constant temperature. Thanks to its high performance heater device allows you to straighten hair with a more gentle temperature and thus to create the desired styling!

Healthy hair without hot spots thanks to technology even heat distribution

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

Improved uniform heat distribution from Philips makes the air flow and a uniform temperature, even when the dryer is running in high temperature mode; prevents hair damage due to overheating. This provides additional protection, giving health and Shine to hair.

Excellent styling in minutes with gentle vibration Gentle Sonic

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

Delicately vibrating plates evenly distribute the hair on the plates, allowing each thread to get full care

the Handle is equipped with a clamp for easy folding and storage

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

the Rectifier is equipped with a special locking mechanism, which is located at the base of the device. It fixes the plate, providing ease and convenience of storage device and simultaneously protect the rectifier from damage.

Fast heat up in 15 seconds

Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363.00 Rectifier

with key lock settings will not be inadvertently changed

Now you have everything under control. Thanks to the Keylock function buttons accidentally switching on/off or change the temperature mode is excluded.

auto power off after 30 minutes

the auto-off Feature has been designed for your peace of mind. If the rectifier is left enabled, it will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

Insulated case included

Insulated pouch — practical accessory storage, in which the rectifier can be placed immediately after use.

article Summary: Thanks to the high output heating element rectifier Philips ActiveCare Jojoba protects the hair from overheating. Thus it provides maximum Shine due to the ceramic plate with natural jojoba oil. Hair care, Rectifiers, HP8363/00, Rectifier hp (hewlett packard)

Source: Buy: Philips Rectifier HP8363/00 Straightener

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