FUCK HP (Compaq Mini 311


FAK HP (Compaq Mini 311

HP/Compaq Mini 311 FAQ v0.2

1. Hardware

1.1 Features

Processor: 1.60 GHz Intel Atom Processor N270 (512 KB Level 2 cache) (p)

RAM: 1024 MB (1 x 1024 MB max memory 3 GB) (paragraph 1.2.2)

Graphics: NVIDIA ION (not LE, read p )

Input: 82 key 92% Full size keyboard

Dimensions: 28.9 cm (L) x 20.4 cm (W) x 1.98 — 3.06 cm (H)

Weight: 1.46 kg

Battery: 65 W AC Power Adapter 6-Cell Lithium Polymer (26Whr) (p)

OS: XP Home SP 3 (possibly Windows 7) (pH)

At the moment with the latest version of the nForce drivers and nTune utility 6.05 overclocking is not possible.

1Gb DDR3 pc1066 soldered on the motherboard, there is a free slot for 1 additional die memory.

brief instructions for use:

0) Insert into comp a blank USB flash drive or memory stick accountant with abstract her daughter

b) from the resulting archive to extract both folders to the root of the C drive

in) to Run the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. In the new window

FUCK HP (Compaq Mini 311

select options on the screen to specify the path to the folder MiniDOS and press «Start»

g) On a formatted USB flash drive to put the file HPBQ189.exe

(e) if the proposal date and time, two times press «Enter» and run HPBQ189.exe

(e) after running the program, press (G) and in the menu that appears, select the second item.

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