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^ $8.8 billion (2010 fin. year) [3]

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HP Compaq TC1100

HP was founded on January 1, 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard. graduates of Stanford University in 1934. as a company for the production of test and measuring equipment. Their first product was a precision low-frequency generator, Model 200A. Their innovation was the use of a small light bulb as a critical resistance of the circuit. This allowed them to sell Model 200A for $54.40, while competitors were offered less stable generators at a cost of over $200.

the name of the company was composed of the names of the participants. Whose name will be the first, they were decided by lottery, where he won the Hewlett Foundation. [4]

One of the first clients of the firm became the Walt Disney studios. which purchased eight oscillators Model 200B ($71,50 each) for testing the stereo sound system that was used in the film «Fantasia «.

In 1966, the company released the world’s first (according to Wired magazine ) the minicomputer — HP 2116A .

In 1968 the company has created the world’s first desktop scientific programmable calculator — HP 9100A [5]. HP 9100A had the memory in 16 numbers or 196 commands (commands and data was recorded in the same memory space), a cathode display, and together with your printer and reader magnetic card cost $4900. When you turn off from the network memory is not erased, moreover, if the computer off of the network during the account, enabling his account was resumed from where it was interrupted. The calculator used transistor logic and was engineering a gem of its time. In 1972, the company released the world’s first scientific pocket calculator, the HP-35. and in 1974 is the world’s first programmable calculator, the HP-65. instead of the magnetic memory used 4 Kbytes of dynamic RAM (DRAM).

In 1975, the company has developed an interface HP-IB interface bus), adopted as an international standard for connecting peripheral devices to the computer.

In 1977, the company introduced the HP-01 a combination of wrist digital clock, calculator and personal calendar.

In 1986, the company has offered a RISC architecture .

In 1993 released the «ultra-portable» personal computer with battery HP OmniBook 300 .

In 1994, the company established the brightest in the world of light emitting diode (LED).

In 1997, she won the Emmy award for contributions to the technology of video compression MPEG .

In August 2011, the company decided to discontinue the mobile devices based on its own operating system HP webOS. and also to allocate the business of manufacturing computers into a separate company [6]. However, at the end of October of the same year, the company decided to cease production of personal and tablet computers, as well as decided not to abandon the operating system HP webOS [7] [8] .

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