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HP Support Assistant
Description HP Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant is designed to support computers and laptops from the manufacturer in a healthy state. The program is intended for simple, quick and effective problem resolution and Troubleshooting. In addition, there is the opportunity to get detailed information about the occurred fault. In the main program window you will find four groups of instruments. The first three are aimed at self-Troubleshooting. The purpose of the fourth group is to provide technical support to the user about problems that you cannot solve yourself.

the First group is called Service. It contains information about all the updates and settings. From time to time HP Support Assistant will give you a warning, which will recommend to download and install the update for the system driver. It is recommended to follow the advice «assistant». The second group is called Troubleshooting. With the tools that it includes, users can learn about the most frequently occurring problems and ways of their elimination. In the third group — the Training is detailed documentation on working with a personal computer. With the help of guides that are prepared for you developers of HP Support Assistant, you will be able to learn a lot of new information about your computer. The fourth group is called Technical support, and contains a summary of all of the resources that will help in solving the problems. Also, there is the possibility of communication with HP representative for support.

article Summary: HP Support Assistant — it is a proprietary program designed to configure the laptop to HP. HP Support Assistant , download, description, installation, files, download, hp (hewlett packard)

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