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news about Hewlett-Packard
there was information about the cheap laptop HP Stream #

August 28, 2014

in an Effort to resist starshaya popularity chromebooks, Microsoft has promised to release cheap laptops Windows, and the first of these devices was the laptop from Hewlett-Packard price of $ 200 and the operating system Windows 8.1.

HP Laptop Stream was announced last month, however, in addition to information about its price to $ 199 and 14″ screen, nothing was known.

of Course, this laptop no one could be called productive, so many commentators have suggested that he would get the AMD Mullins, for example, AMD E1 Micro-6200T, which can be found in Pavilion 10z price of $ 250.

in practice, However, all appeared to be somewhat better, and outfitted with his laptop Stream processors AMD A4 Micro-6400T. And although we know rather little about his performance, we can safely say that at 4 computing cores and a frequency of 1.6 GHz it will be a worthy competitor to Intel Bay Trail. Additionally, the chip can boast integrated graphics Radeon R3.

News about Hewlett-Packard, the WORLD of NVIDIA

the battery in the Stream nothing stands out, but it at 32 watts·h capacity will be able to provide about 5 hours of battery life, comparable to chromosome.

needless to say that the screen will not Shine resolution. 14-inch matrix laptop will have a resolution at 1366×768 pixels, and the brightness is equal to 200 nits.

the Developer promises to be mounted on the platform 2 GB DDR3L 1333 MHz. From the communications I / o Stream interfaces are USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI and Wi-Fi. To install the OS in it is provided eMMC storage capacity of 64 GB or 32 GB. Pleasant surprise of the laptop was the presence of four speakers, Beats Audio, and HD camera.

News about Hewlett-Packard, the WORLD of NVIDIA

If you think 64 GB memory — it is too small, we may offer you free cloud storage 100 GB for a period of 2 years for free.

Summing up we can say that we are dealing with a laptop that has a weak processor, slow memory, poor non-touch screen, a small amount of RAM and disk space. But at the price of 200 dollars if he could compete with bromobutane? Perhaps, Yes, and very successfully.

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HP starts selling laptop Android #

August 15, 2014

After the may announcement. Hewlett Packard started to supply laptop Slatebook 14 — a new laptop-based operating system from Google, but not Chrome, and Android.

According to the specifications of this laptop is equipped with 14″ touchscreen HD BrightView display with WLED backlighting. In the base of the laptop is a Quad-core chip NVIDIA Tegra 4. The system is also equipped with 2 GB of RAM DDR3L-1600 and trachycaulus battery, which, on the assurances of developers, will last for 9 hours of battery life. As OS in HP chose Android 4.3 Jellybean.

News about Hewlett-Packard, the WORLD of NVIDIA

For data storage in the notebook computer includes a drive capacity of 16 GB, and if this is insufficient, then the storage can be expanded by a microSD card. In addition, the laptop provides dnovotny Wireless N Wi-Fi adapter. Bluetooth 4.0, one USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0, HDMI video output and combined with microphone audio output. Of the media in the laptop has 4 speaker Beats Audio webcam HP TrueVision HD. The laptop features a full-size keyboard, adapted to work in Android.

it was Expected that the laptop Slatebook 14 will go on sale at the price of $ 400, but in fact, the manufacturer decided to sell it more expensive, estimating $ 430 US.

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the first laptop with an AMD processor Mullins #

July 28, 2014

the First portable computer based on the AMD Mullins, went on sale.

One of the market leaders, company Hewlett-Packard released a small notebook HP Pavilion 10z touch screen and the new SoC AMD E1 Micro-6200T. And although it is called a laptop, it is more like a netbook with a slightly better display. The price of the laptop is $ 250.

in Addition to the processor and the touch screen 10z laptop has 2 GB of RAM, HDD 500 GB, one USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 ports HDMI. Ethernet and audio output, stereo speakers, card reader for SD. System Osasuna,1″ screen resolution h peaks. The dimensions of the laptop are h,5×2,3 cm with a weight of 1.2 kg

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the World’s supply of notebooks in the second quarter fell by 5% #

July 23, 2014

Despite the promised slow decline of the market for personal PC and cautious growth forecasts, the actual decline in the supply of notebooks in the second quarter of this year amounted to 4.9%, according to Digitimes Research.

Despite the end of Windows XP support, which resulted in rising demand for PCs, emerging markets such as China, South and Central America showed a sharp decline that has led to a General decline in sales.

News about Hewlett-Packard, the WORLD of NVIDIA

However, this fact some manufacturers were not affected. For example, Hewlett-Packard showed a 19.1 per cent a year, compared with the second quarter of 2013. The reason for the growth of the commentators see in the termination of support for Windows XP and aggressive sales policy of the company, which since the second half of 2013 has begun to position their devices as an ideal solution for students. It is noteworthy that the biggest loser in recent years, Acer also showed quarterly growth by increasing the supply of 31.3% in connection with ordering inventory and production of new models.

as for OEM builders laptops on the market two companies occupy 61%. While Wistron has shown consistent growth of 13.3%, while Inventec and Pegatron have shown a marked decline, having made less than three million laptops each.

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betweenthelines chromosome find HP fan #

July 8, 2014

world Famous computer brand, Hewlett-Packard, was found to be carrying a rather strange PR company. The fact that her new chromebook, which she always called fanless, actually has active cooling.

For some reasons the company has adopted a marketing approach, according to which, the HP minicomputers are considered to be passive, but actually it is not, and in reality they are tiny, and therefore noisy fans inside the case.

Here is what the brand itself about his new chromosome: «Compact, underlined and stylish design uses only 5″ (126 mm) of space, light, thin, and can be attached to the wall using a VESA bracket. Whisper-quiet fanless design prevents pulling dust into the case» .

it is Not clear, just wanted to say HP these words, but they look like an outright lie.

Website FanlessTech presented a photograph of the disassembled chromebook from HP, and it was taken directly from disassembly instructions this chromebook issued by the manufacturer. On the image is visible flat copper heat pipe and, of course, the snail of the fan blades, which is not the fan, if you believe the marketing claims of the company.

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