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The HP scanners


Technology scanning images

is it Possible to enter into the computer favourite photograph in order to preserve it in digital form on disk, send e-mail to a friend, to include in a computer presentation or computer photo album? Such capabilities provide scanners and their software.

The HP scanners Image with pictures, you can digitize is converted into an electronic format and saved in the computer as a graphic file. This procedure is performed using a scanner and the process pictures on the scanner is called scan .

The HP scanners scanning Technology has reached great heights. New hardware solutions: firms offer buyers a variety of scanners that can process the original image on paper or film. Developed programs for the processing or transformation of the image when scanning. With their help it is possible to significantly improve the quality of digital images compared to the original: sharpen, enhance color saturation, remove image defects.

The HP scanners Some scanner models contain special attachment for scanning slides or film. There are slide scanners, which focused on the processing of images on slides and film. In some models, slide scanners have a special attachment for feeding film from a hard plastic frame, bobbin holders.

With a scanner you can even enter into the computer the text printed on the paper document in the scanner software includes program recognition.

you Can create a photo album using the template library and colorfully decorate it to print on the printer.

With the development of one of the famous companies in the field of scanning technologies — Hewlett Packard we now introduce.

Scanning using the HP Scanjet 4500c and 5500c

The HP scanners modern Scanners HP Scanjet 4500c and 5500c supplied by Hewlett — Packard. deliver high performance and impressive features. For these models developed software that creates for the user a comfortable environment scanning and image processing.

the Software is supplied with the equipment and installed on your computer when you connect the scanner to the computer. The package includes programs that allow you to create photo albums, print photos on the printer, load the pictures on the website or send them by e-mail to other users. The starting point for these functions — p TEP Director. The main panel of the program Director is presented in figure:

The HP scanners

in order to start the scanning of the document, click the Scan document on the main panel Director. The scan is performed in two steps. First pre-scanning. At this stage, you can preview and edit the image, for example, by changing its size or crop the unwanted parts. Upon completion of all settings is the final scan and save the image in the file.

The HP scanners

the Scanned images are sent to the Gallery for photos and images for more convenient viewing. The gallery will automatically open after the scan or upload pictures. The gallery will appear reduced (icons) photos.

The HP scanners

Through the window Gallery access to the HP image Editor — to switch to the Editor you need to click the icon image. In the Editor you can easily edit images: crop, or rotate, to remove the effect of «red eye» or apply more complex editing techniques.

Editor is shown below. The operation of the editor is invoked by using the buttons in the panel on the right side of the window, or from the main menu.

The HP scanners

output Formats

We will start learning the scanning procedure with consideration of output formats.

In the program scan HP the default output format is best suitable for the scanned image. It is recommended to use these settings by default. However, if necessary, the output format can be changed.

below is a table to select the most appropriate output format depending on how you want to use images in the scan result and based on the type of the item being scanned.

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