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Hewlett-Packard Jornada 565/568

With the additions of Steve Bush

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS4 October 2001 Microsoft officially announced Pocket PC 2002 — a new version of the platform for handheld computers running Windows CE 3.0. On the same day, Hewlett-Packard has introduced a new computer Jornada 560 series, which replaced the 540 series, released in April 2000. I use an HP model 548 and appreciated its metal body and built-in CompactFlash slot. I consider her a reliable and solid machine, however, with low performance and a mediocre display. So, after hearing about 560 series, I really wanted to look at improvements. In this review I will talk about the Jornada 565 with 32 MB of memory, which is different from the 568-nd model only double the amount of memory (64 MB).


Processor: 32-bit StrongARM 206 MHz

Memory: 32 MB RAM (Jornada 565/564), 64 MB of RAM (Jornada 568/567), 32 MB flash ROM, clock speed, memory bus 103 MHz

Display: 240 x 320 pixels, color reflective active matrix (TFT) LCD, touch, 65,536 colors

Power: removable battery (Li-Polymer backup battery CR2032 (3V), AC adapter

Communication: USB Slave / serial port (RS-232C), infrared (IrDA)

Expansion: CompactFlash Type I

Audio: speaker and a Jack for headphones

Dimensions: 132 x 76.5 x 17.2 mm

Weight: 173 g with standard battery without caps

a glance HP 565 can easily be mistaken for HP 548. She has a similar protective cover and an almost identical size and shape. But, behind the cover, you will immediately see that HP engineers did their Pocket PC ’plastic surgery.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERSWindows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

With a lid and let’s begin. New cover silvery-blue color, unlike the old plastic with a metallic coating, made completely out of plastic and looks very fashionable. After receiving Jornada, I first looked under the hood in search box with the stylus. I don’t really touched placing the pen in the HP 548, as some users, but still I rejoiced the more familiar location — on the top of the computer.

the Lid opens up to 180 degrees, unlike the cap 548-th model, which was opened a little more than 45 degrees. On the roof there is nothing, except for a small logo Hewlett-Packard at the bottom. If desired, the lid is easily removed.

Steve Bush: HP Jornada 568 — the only Pocket PC, which has a protective screen cover. In 1999 Jornada 420 Palm-size PC was protected non-removable transparent cover, in 2000 — Jornada 540 Pocket PC was equipped with a removable metal cover under which hid the pen. Of course, increased the weight. Now the cover is made of plastic, saving 50% of the weight. And the pen is now round and not flattened.

the Front panel 565-th model is significantly different from the 548th, except for the lattice dynamics. Perhaps this is the only item that reminds of that before you Hewlett-Packard Pocket PC.

for the First time HP has equipped your Pocket PC ’joystick» — a round button move the cursor left, right, up and down. Directly beneath it is the Enter button. Both buttons can be easily pressed, have a great impact. I would just add «joystick» few bumps along the edges so as not to slide your thumb. Want to please gamers — both buttons can be pressed simultaneously.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

to the Left and to the right of «joystick» are the usual buttons for quick access to applications. They are small, have a deepening and a good return. Bottom left is the power button on the computer and the screen backlight. The outer casing is made of metal (I think) the same silver-blue, and cover. The inner part of the molded plastic gray color.

At the bottom there is a USB interface, combined with a serial port and a connector for connecting the power adapter and microphone. I tip my hat (if I wore it) before HP for the fact that the connectors remain the same, and I can use a folding keyboard, sync cable, stand, and even the power adapter, the remaining HP 548.

I was very surprised a few strange placement of the microphone. To use the recorder, it is necessary to turn Jornada upside down.

Steve Bush: HP pulled the microphone down to make space for the headphone Jack, which, in turn, gave place to a case for a pen.

at the Top of the front panel is a light-sensitive sensor, and indicator and charge the battery. The sensor works very well (unlike sensor iPAQ) and automatically changes the brightness and contrast of the screen depending on the ambient light. During charging, the battery indicator lights in red then changes to green (like traffic lights). The indicator also serves as a button to turn off the screen; useful feature saves energy while listening to music.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

Display — the most important improvement compared to the previous model; sharp, bright, well-read and indoors, and the sunlit street. Display my Jornada glowed evenly, and only once, after a reboot, I noticed a small dark patch in the top right corner — and then on a completely white background. Comparing the iPAQ and HP 565 should be noted that the maximum level display iPAQ brighter.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

from Left to right: 565 HP, Compaq iPAQ — both at maximum brightness

Display displays bright and vibrant colors — more than 65 thousand colors (while HP548 and iPAQ just over 4 thousand) and gives slightly to the blue.

Steve Bush: Blue is not noticeable unless you compare with the iPAQ or Toshiba Genio lying nearby. In addition, at times, had to do a screen calibration, and still, sometimes two or three times, press the button to minimize the program. Dimming or dust under the screen did not notice.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

from Top to bottom: Compaq iPAQ, HP 565

screen Size 565 HP also much smaller than the HP 548 and iPAQ when put next. However, in daily work, the screen seems too small and quite comfortable.

the dimensions of the screen:

HP 565 5,56 x 7,39 cm

HP 548 5,72 x 7,60 cm

iPAQ 5,94 x 7,87 cm

the Screen is smooth, unlike the rough and similar to the paper in 548th, little ’porous»slightly sags under the pen pressure. The display seemed to me to be less sensitive than my iPAQ or other Pocket PC, you have to press a bit harder in all operations. This is easy to get used to, but need some time to calibrate the screen. I still fail to draw the strokes in the Block Recognizer.

And another problem I encountered. In some conferences I have read about dust under the screen, including Jornado the first time, began to look for this dust. It was not, but only 4 days. Then she appeared. After a few days it disappeared, do not know where and how. However, before I accidentally dropped Jornada on the floor. Of course, this is not a problem, but. )

the upper end is a socket for stereo headphones, pencil case pen, expansion slot Compact Flash Type I and infrared port.

Jack — the standard hole diameter 3.5 mm; very good sound quality (MP3) playback through headphones, the volume is above praise. I usually listened to MP3 with volume level by one increment below the average. The external speaker is loud enough not to miss the sound notification.

The speaker, there is one small, but annoying flaw. After 3-4 seconds upon completion of the audio signal or songs can be heard loud click — it’s the system turns off the amplifier to save power. In headphones it is not audible.

the Pen and pencil case for him now located on the top right. The pen is very cheap and looks like a toothpick that comes in the box with a faint click.

Jornada equipped slot CF Type I. In practice, this means incompatibility of computer hard drives IBM Microdrive. Fortunately, the slot is placed ordinary memory cards, modems, etc. There is, however, one interesting feature — if you remove the cover that covers the slot, you can insert the «extended» map. What it is, I don’t know. Most likely, this feature is provided to connect the PC adapter cards and other peripherals.

Distance running infrared port seems to be standard for all models. I transferred the contacts in the iPAQ and back to a maximum distance of 4.5 ft (137 cm).

the Side and bottom ends provided with gray rubber pads (as moldings in the car), which do not allow the computer to slip out of his hands. On the right side there are no buttons, and on the left are the scroll button (without feature selection), the record button and slot of the backup batteries.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

Rubber button»rocking» can be used to scroll a screen, lists, texts, etc. Under it there is a record button, she also made of rubber and is slightly recessed in «rubber», preventing accidental turning on the recorder.

Under the record button located tray backup battery and its latch. Using the tip of a pen spring latch is moved to the right, and then you can remove the tray and put it in the lithium battery (tablet). At first glance, a fairly complex process, however, the backup battery changes very rarely.

the rear panel has a reset button, battery latch and the battery itself. The reset button is as big and comfortable as in 548th. Spring-loaded battery latch can be easily moved with a nail. The battery is similar to the battery for cell phone Panasonic GD-93, very thin.

Steve Bush: this design allows you to easily change the standard battery is a high capacity battery, which is built into the expansion slot SD/MMCard ($79). I compared the battery life of the Toshiba Genio e550 and HP Jornada 568, including a continuous playback of music files (WMA format) with CompactFlash cards. Jornada 568 worked for 11 (!) hours and Genio turned off after 4 hours.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERSWindows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

Very well made stand or cradle, or «Shoe») to communicate with the desktop computer. It is so heavy that it is not necessary to hold the hand inserting and removing Jornada. It should be noted that 565-I is included in «Shoe» from 540-y, but not Vice versa. No problems with the connection between the PDA and the PC via the USB interface.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

HP has developed a very useful function, which calls the HP Safe Store. This section 8MB non-volatile memory (flash ROM)for recording valuable data or programs, which will remain on the computer after «hard» reset (catch up with the Apple Newton, which all memory was non-volatile :). This memory is visible in my computer as a separate folder, but its contents are not included in the backup, which creates ActiveSync or HP backup.

I thought of Jornada with 32 MB of memory is much faster than my iPAQ 3670 with 64 MB of RAM, upgraded to PPC 2002, — quick launch programs and switch between them.

Steve Bush: discarding slow processor Hitachi SH-3, HP not only found in new Jornada Intel StrongARM SA-1110 (however, PPC 2002 on another and will not work), but gave it a quick bus. So Jornada 560 faster than other computers with the StrongARM processor.

Software Pocket PC 2002 is already described in detail. so we will focus on specific programs for HP Jornada.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERSWindows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS

HP Jornada Backup creates a backup of the apps organizer folder in the HP Safe Store or on the memory card.

HP Jornada Emergency Backup automatically backs up the database PIM (Contacts, Calendar and Tasks) in the folder of the HP Safe Store.

HP MicrochaiVM (a mini version of HP ChaiVM) — the environment for running applications written in the Java language.

HP Jornada Home Menu — the app launcher, you can add pages and programs.

HP Jornada Settings — small pop-up Windows settings, which allow you to change the display brightness, volume, calibrate the screen to enable or disable the display.

HP Jornada Image Viewer — the image viewer and slideshow.

HP Camera Application — a program for working with digital camera Hewlett-Packard Compact Flash.

HP Jornada Task Switcher — a pop-up window, which lists the active application; enables to switch between them or close.

in Addition to these programs, «bound» in ROM, on the driver CD you can find many commercial and shareware programs, in particular, business calculator LandWare Omnisolve, my password Manager Developer not only does One Pro v3 Developer One Access Panel Platinum (pop-up toolbar with which you can enter in any application ready-made phrases), drivers, memory cards, access cards in a local network Socket CF LAN, CF modem, infrared modem, and a foldable keyboard Targus Stowaway. And there is a Mobile software Conversay, which provides voice control of your computer and does not need training. And that’s not all.

Windows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERSWindows CE: Reviews of devices and OS: Reader: ZOO HANDHELD COMPUTERS


a beautiful set of software

Built-in CompactFlash slot

Removable battery

Serial connector allows you to use the old peripherals

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