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the Production of lighting equipment today is one of the divisions of huge concern Philips — Philips Lighting (Philips «Light»). The largest manufacturer of lighting has plants located in more than 60 countries with a total staff of 55 thousand people. Under the famous brand produced a wide range of lights and other lighting products. In particular, in addition to the light sources, Philips produces the largest range of ballasts for discharge lamps high pressure, including ballasts and electronic ballasts. controllers, starters. capacitors and incendiary devices. The development and production of fluorescent lamps and BALLASTS to them the company for more than 70 years, having accumulated a great experience. Today ballasts and electronic ballasts Philips made for almost all types of fluorescent lamps.

Electronic ballasts Philips began producing in the early 80-ies of the last century. Compared to magnetic BALLASTS, electronic devices have shown many advantages: compact and easy to install, even light without flickering, dimming lighting, automatic shutdown of lamps at end of life. We should also mention efficiency fluorescent lighting with electronic ballasts Philips — reduction of energy consumption up to 25%, and the lamp life is increased almost in half. When using digital ballasts Philips, working on the DALI Protocol energy efficiency lighting becomes even much higher.

currently, the range of ballasts from Philips includes a wide range of ballasts and electronic ballasts for fluorescent and hid lamps high pressure. capacitors, controllers and other equipment for lighting. Today there are only a few lighting companies, having such a great experience, as Philips Lighting, and the market able to offer such a variety of lighting solutions. Philips invests heavily in the development of innovative technologies and development of new products, no wonder this company has the largest number of patents in the industry, including in the field of HF-ballasts Philips. Ballasts Philips is always the most advanced engineering solutions, the highest quality, proven reliability, and assured security.

article Summary: Philips develops and produces a wide range of ballasts and electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps high pressure. Electromagnetic and electronic ballasts Philips is a modern technical solutions, high efficiency and guaranteed reliability. GREAT Philips HF-ballasts Philips starters Philips electromagnetic ballasts electronic ballasts philips

Source: Ballasts Philips — quality and reliability

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