Epilator Philips (philips)


Epilator Philips: a reliable solution for smooth feet!

Epilator Philips (philips)


Beautiful and smooth skin for a long time — it is a place of many women. And if the wax did not attract, and no razor for a long-lasting effect, you can pay attention to the epilator Philips, which can be applied much less frequently than the other means of hair removal. Dear German company offers several different models, among which women can choose the one that will best «blend» individual hair type and activity.

How to choose an epilator?

it Seemed, as it is a simple thing every day can be seen in the shop Windows. The principle of operation is very simple — In fact, there are several varieties of this device: depending on what you want to achieve, and make your choice. Among philips epilator can be seen:

  1. spring devices. the First models that were once invented. In their moving head integrated spring or spiral, which during operation elastically bent, plucking your hairs. Such models are not very effective when the hair is dense, the onion are deeply. The spring model is to break them or to skip.
  2. Disk model. a Few more previous: instead of springs built drives that pull the hair at the root. It’s pretty painful, but with the extra hairs on the legs or the bikini area such devices cope better spring.
  3. Pincer model. For example, epilator philips satinelle, or similar models remove hair using small plates, the surface of which is similar to tweezers. They pull out hair from the root.

Pincer devices are the most painless, but for the most delicate ladies with low pain threshold invented massage and freezing nozzles. The skin is cooled, because the discomfort is minimized. Only on such «ice» epilator Philips reviews may not be the most pleasant: indicate that after the application of such nozzles skin can greatly blush.

the good decision of the manufacturer can be called massage and exfoliating the nozzle. They help to cope with the hairs that grow very close to the skin, because they are more difficult to capture the nozzles. And missed hairs are forced again and again to hold the epilator philips one and the same place, causing irritation. Therefore, when buying you should pay attention to whether there is a variety of attachments to the model.

Also pay attention to the number of speeds to work. are Usually in good devices there are two: the fastest for the effective treatment area of the skin, and gentle, for example, for the bikini area. The second is well suited to those women who use it, for example, the epilator philips hp 6540 for delicate areas. The model is a little slower, but its effectiveness is not reduced. Dignity is protected from unnecessary pain on such parts of the body.

Epilator philips hp 6400 and older model: a good choice of modern women

6400 — a model consisting of only one device. Very cute in appearance, usually comes in white color. It will be the perfect accessory in the bathroom: light floral design, comfortable non-slip handle and wash nozzle under running water. Its characteristics include:

  • 21 disk to clean hair removal
  • 7.5 W power — works mains in 240V;
  • 2 speed. Epilator philips hp 6400 copes with fine hairs sensitive areas;
  • Metal elements of nozzles;
  • Movements per second to first speed — 600;
  • Movements per second at the maximum speed — 733.

This small model — epilator philips hp 6400 — costs about 30-35 dollars because to allow it to himself can every woman who wants to preserve the smoothness of the skin at least a couple of weeks. Perfectly placed in the bag. Unfortunately, no backlight, which is not always convenient: you can skip the hair, if lighting is insufficient.

Epilator Philips (philips)

the philips Epilator hp 6400

But if you want products for «gourmet», you should pay attention to the epilator philips hp 6540, consisting of three devices for different needs. It is the main competitor of the braun epilator. It enables you to perform all the steps to bring its skin in order. The kit includes:


  • itself epilator;
  • precision epilator that removes individual hairs very accurately;
  • tweezers for eyebrows with backlight.

a Feature of this model of philips epilator is the fact that precision device runs on batteries, so it is convenient to use in hard to reach places (which is not very convenient stretch, if constantly under the hands of confused cord), or on the road — not all trains can be found outlet. To form a contour eyebrow tweezers are perfect hair slips out, and the pain kept to a minimum.

the Price epilator philips hp 6540 is about 55 USD because such a purchase will not become a strong blow to your budget. Also, as practice shows, this model are more likely to purchase men as a gift to your loved ones girls who love to care for yourself and to always look the best in any situation.

Epilator Philips (philips)

the philips Epilator hp 6540

article Summary: Epilator Philips — a quick and painless solution to unwanted hair. You can easily choose for themselves epilator Philips for different skin types and sensitivity. Epilator Philips philips hp 6540 6400 satinelle reviews philips

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