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Philips Irons

You want to stroke quickly, efficiently and safely? Then pay attention on the Philips irons, versatility and excellent performance characteristics which will satisfy the requirements and needs of even the most demanding mistresses.

Speaking of Philips, not to mention the fact that it is the worldwide first applied in the design of the devices used in everyday life for Ironing linen, technology Ionic DeepSteam with ionization steam, which in turn helped to make the process atwienia more simple, convenient and comfortable.

At the beginning of last year on the Russian market there is a new model of iron Philips Azur GC4641 different advanced unique sliding surface SteamGlide, perfect smoothing absolutely any fabric, even the most complex — delicate.

Also, the above line of irons Philips, according to the research, I was pleasantly surprised by the customers for its elegant appearance and handle, made of rubberized material to prevent slipping.

Using the Philips iron, You will never have as much trouble as not ironed areas between the buttons and cufflinks, because surprisingly nimble «steam spout SteamTip able to reach the most remote places, and the system «Drop-stop»provided in devices that will reliably protect Your shirts, sweatshirts and dresses from unwanted stains.

Filling in the reservoir iron Philips water from the taps, You worry that over time, Your appliances will be damaged? Don’t worry about it, because the whole range of irons Philips feature modes «Active Calc» and self-cleaning, which prevents the formation of limescale.

we All know the situation, when the Ironing we «adjust» to the location of the iron wire, restricting the freedom of movement. Now everything has changed, now modern irons Philips have hinged cord, providing maximum maneuverability during its operation.

If You often tprivate linen in a vertical position, pay attention to the wireless model iron Philips — HI 570, which is a sliding surface Anodilium Exel Plus, resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage, has six variants of steam supply and system Drip-Stop, to prevent the flow of water on the fabric even at the lowest temperatures.

For maximum convenience and comfortable use of this appliances Philips is equipped with a large tank for liquids with indicating dial, a built-in device for a cord winder, ergonomic stand with lock and other features that make the process smooth, incredibly pleasant and unobtrusive.

Despite the fact that powerful Philips irons heat up quickly, they consume a small amount of power, carefully saving Your family budget.

C irons Philips to look perfect every day easy! Conquer new heights and achieve success together with Philips irons!

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